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Employee testimonial: “A salesperson’s paradise!”

Layoffs, cut commissions, and eliminated allowances. After the toll COVID had taken on his previous company, it’s no wonder Randy Thomas started looking for a new job. He needed a place in growth-mode, and just as he’d found an opportunity, he received a message—from a recruiter at the same place. “I learned that America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) is a faith-based organization, and that the reason the opportunity existed was due to expansion and growth. I was very inspired by that,” he said.

With years of experience in territory development and establishing relationships, the Area Sales Manager position seemed perfect for Randy. “Everything felt like a good fit,” he said, noting a particular perk of the company’s services. “The ability for the homeowner to choose their own licensed contractor for claims is outstanding. Because the contractor works for the homeowner and not for APHW, the homeowner has a lot more control as far as scheduling and the quality of work being done. It’s a very different, intriguing business model.”

So much support!

The best part, Randy said, is the amount of support he has behind him. “Right off the bat, just the structure of our sales program, with Steve Pratt and the whole process leading to certification, really makes me feel like a sales professional. Part of the certification is to lay out what my business plan is, and how I’m going to grow it. So, it’s not just, ‘You’re certified. Good luck!’ There’s a whole end game in mind.”

Beyond the training itself, there are also plenty of people there to help you succeed. “A number of people have been involved in my growth here,” Randy said. “Becker, Cal, Steve—and then going out in the field and having them riding with you! Chris Chandler came out and spent a week with me, and Kelly came out, too. That’s a lot of attention and focus to make sure that I know what I’m doing.”

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Never feel alone

Communication at APHW is something else, too. “I’ve had excellent feedback from everyone, and I’m able to communicate with a whole host of folks. My team leader is always available and responsive, I can reach out to my team members, and I spend a lot of time going to LaMont with questions. I’m never just floating around by myself, trying to figure things out,” Randy said. “You can lean on literally anybody within the organization. It’s very comfortable reaching out with questions or requests—you truly never have to feel alone.”

Even Randy’s social media gets a leg up, with help from APHW’s Marketing Department. “The whole marketing group have really helped to establish my presence, far more than just my feet on the street could achieve,” he said. “Their management of my LinkedIn account is really growing those connections with real estate leadership and agents.  They’re helping me develop those relationships in situations where I can’t immediately get in front of them, and all of a sudden, I’ll have a meeting or a training with them.”

Three people give thumbs up

100% recommended

Randy highly recommends APHW as a fantastic place for any salesperson to excel in their career. “Salespeople are driven by how much money they can make, and this is an excellent opportunity with a great salary base, commission opportunity on top of that, plus bonuses. The training is excellent, the business is growing, and you have the opportunity to always be connecting and developing those relationships, all with so many experienced people there to help however they can,” he said. “It’s a salesperson’s paradise, if you’re willing to do the job.”

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