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Employee testimonial: ‘The culture is just awesome!’

When Alex Glover first heard from America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) recruiters, he flat refused. “There’s no way I’d work with any home warranty company—that was my first thought,” he said. But after some encouragement from his girlfriend, Alex decided to do some research—and found a few surprises.

“The more I saw and the more I interviewed, the more excited I got,” Alex said. The Christian-based company had a culture and a way of working that was unlike any home warranty he’d ever encountered before. APHW homeowners could choose any licensed contractors for covered claims, and Alex would be working in the real estate sector, helping to build business for agents.

“One of my big things in life is to try new things and see where it takes me,” Alex said. “So when I got the call offering me the job, I was really excited!”

This was all 18 months ago, and the Oklahoma Area Sales Manager says he’d recommend working at APHW in a heartbeat. “The culture is just awesome,” Alex said. “And even though it’s still a sales job, I don’t feel like the bottom line is the most important thing with this company—the culture of taking care of each other is.”

Alex experienced that culture more personally last summer when he had a family emergency. “I’m really close with my family, and it was very difficult for me,” he said. “I got an email from Randy (the owner), phone calls and prayers from people in the company I didn’t even know yet—it was really uplifting how they all supported me throughout the ordeal.”

That experience solidified Alex as a member of the company, and now he looks forward to rising in the ranks. “I’d like to move up to a team lead or regional sales director in the coming years,” he said. “I can see myself here until I’m ready to retire, which hopefully won’t be for another 20 years.”

Alex had a tip for those considering an area sales manager position at APHW: “If you put in the work, you’ll be successful,” he said. “It’s just a great place!”

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