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Chicago homeowner’s fast fix for a frozen line in summertime

On a 98-degree day in August, Chicago homeowner Robert Alanis opened the gate to his backyard to find that his coolant line was frozen (uh-oh). He went down to investigate and discovered that the whole thing was frozen—all the way to his heater! Robert went to his circuit breaker and shut the power off, and the coolant line managed to thaw on its own (which bought Robert more time). But he still had to act quickly, so he called his REALTOR®.

Upon her reminder about his contract with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), Robert contacted our Customer Service Team, which was ready and happy to assist. “I spoke to the company, and a gentleman took all my info down. Then he called me back saying they’d authorize a check, and I just needed to pay the deductible. Basically, that was it!”

Robert had hired Midway Heating and Air Conditioning to fix his A/C. After a couple tests, the contractor determined that his conductor was stuck, which he said is something that happens when they get old. With the necessary parts already in his truck, the contractor went right to work on replacing it.

Robert paid the contractor up front, “and my reimbursement came pretty quick,” he said. He could now freely savor the dog days of summer.

Robert said that his experience was fantastic, and that when it comes to having a home warranty from APHW, it would be foolish not to have it. “They helped me out—no problem!” he said.

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