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Stage your home to sell with eye-catching condo and townhouse design

A vertical panel takes up the left half of the image; it is a gold-trimmed round mirror reflecting three vertical textured wall panels as it rests above a tan wooden buffet with green and white candles resting on its left side and yellow and green flowers resting on its right; the right half of the image is horizontally bisected; top right panel: gray round throw pillow and blanket on a gray chair, flanked by a houseplant and a bar cart, bottom right panel: 5 neutral throw pillows on a neutral-colored bed

As with any type of home staging, it takes more than being clean and furnished for your townhouse or condo to really sell. Because condo and townhouse design often differs from that of single-family dwellings, it takes showcasing your home’s unique elements and opportunities to present it as the experience your ideal buyers want.

Not sure where to start? You’re in luck — we’ve got stellar tips on great townhome and condo staging that make buyers fall in love with the place, helping it sell for more and more quickly.

Pro Tip: Refer to your Homeowners Association (HOA) guidelines before making any permanent design choices.

Highlight your housing type

Potential buyers seek out different housing types for different reasons. Use décor and include a list of your home’s applicable features below to help them picture the type of life they could lead in your space.

Share the feeling of big city life with urban home design

Many condos and townhomes are located in downtown areas or major city centers. Highlight your home’s juxtaposition with big city life — draw the metropolitan feel indoors with urban home design features like these:

  • Neutrals, metals, and minimalist designs
  • Wrought iron, wood, or leather
  • Something emblematic of your city, like a framed map, skyline rendering, or native plants


A white-walled, sunlit converted loft full of green houseplants with a tan hammock hanging in the room's center


Create a city oasis

If you’re looking for a buyer who loves the hustle and bustle, but wants to retreat to a home without chaos, help them envision your residence as an oasis in the city.

Lean into country, cottage, or regal charm with the following:

  • Florals
  • Pastels
  • Victorianesque furniture like soft, tufted couches and tables with ornate wooden details


Closeup of a tufted cerulean couch


For a more relaxing setup, use these details to help buyers view your place as a retreat of its own.

  • Earth tones
  • Indoor greenery
  • Soft lighting

Keep it calm with quiet design

Condos and townhomes often share at least one wall with neighboring dwellings, but noise-dampening design can help your home feel more separate (and quiet) to potential buyers. Here are a few methods for subtly suppressing noise from neighbors.

  • Select softer furniture in rooms that are larger or have higher ceilings
  • Adorn attached walls with decorative acoustic panels and soundproofing tiles
  • Cover the floors with area rugs and stair and floor runners


A tan-and-white home staircase with a seafoam green accent wall and a tan and green artificial bouquet in a white vase at an end table at the base of the stairs


Make your staircase a statement piece

If you’ve got stairs in your unit, you likely have a wall behind it that makes for great real estate to decorate! Turn that staircase into a statement piece with these design tips:

  • Arrange a photo gallery on the wall adjacent to your staircase
  • Paint the wall(s) next to it an accent color
  • Stain the railing or the stairs themselves
  • Update nearby light fixtures

With our plethora of tips, you’re now equipped to make your condo or townhome the haven your potential buyers are looking for! What’s your favorite home staging tip? Visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to tell us your thoughts!