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Maximize your holiday real estate listings

At night, a yellow two-story home is decorated and illuminated with holiday lights; the yard is covered with snow, and a red and white "For Sale" and APHW warranty rider sign are affixed to a white post in the front yard

While most of your clients probably list their homes in the summer, sudden life changes or opportunities can make selling during the holidays a necessity.

The holiday real estate market only lasts a couple months out of the year, so having a game plan is key to getting the attention of buyers. Here’s how you can make it a successful sales season.

How to make a holiday S.A.L.E.

In many markets, sunshine and warm weather can make the homes you sell more picturesque. Follow these tips to add winter magic to your listings and close another holiday S.A.L.E.

S: Stage your home for the holidays

Now is a great time to help potential buyers imagine celebrating in your client’s home. To appeal to more people, incorporate symbols of the holiday into your home staging design, such as:

  • Evergreen garlands
  • Pinecones
  • Snowmen
  • The ever-popular fresh desserts
A white woman with brown hair places a Christmas wreath adorned with pine cones, holly, fake snow, and mini ornaments on a cherry wood door


Extend the spirit of the season to your home’s exterior by draping a few strings of holiday lights along the street-facing side(s) of your house and the trees and shrubbery in front of it. When it comes to decorating your home to sell, being festive in moderation helps those looking at the listing see how beautiful your home can be – and how they can make it their own!

A: Appeal to the most motivated buyers

Many buyers who move during the holidays want to be settled before the year is out. Find more of these buyers now by holding a holiday open house or information session for home seekers. Reach out to the resources they use most, such as:

  • Social media groups for communities, parents, and families
  • Community newsletters and newspapers
  • Local events (sponsorship or booth setup)
  • Your network of mutual friends

L: Let your holiday open house run longer

Once you’ve gotten the word out about your open house, you’ll want to give your guests extra time to stop by, since it’s the holidays. This time of year is meant for people to get together and unwind, so giving them more time to visit means you can see more potential buyers on the same day and have more in-depth, face-to-face conversations. 

With more people taking time off at the end of the year, you may have more attendees than in the summer, when people’s schedules are more likely to vary. Hold your open house simultaneously in-person and online to accommodate buyers who are unable to attend due to distance or time constraints.

Pro Tip: Use treats from a local bakery or small gifts that are in demand to draw a bigger crowd in person, encouraging other participants to make the trip!

A person in gray-brown snowpants, a blue jacket, reddish-brown shoes, and black gloves uses a gray shovel with a black and red handle to clear a sidewalk of snow


E: Examine the property for winter home safety

No one wants a potential buyer to suffer a slip and fall at a showing. If your area gets snow, plan to keep walkways shoveled and salted and make sure the path to your front door is cleared and well-lit, also being sure to clear any icicles from doorways and other outside walking areas.

Keep a box of shoe covers, a roomy coat rack, and a box of tissue for runny noses by the door to help guests shake off the cold and limit the amount of shoe prints tracked throughout the house.

With these tips under the proverbial tree, you have what you need to finish the winter season strong!

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