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Fall home staging tips: Capture that cozy feeling

Split screen of a gray couch with orange accents on the left side and a small round table with candles in front of a tan blanket and a wooden wall on the right

As the colors start to change outside, your home staging style should change with it, giving the home more of an autumn feel to help home buyers find it more appealing. Take advantage of the season and use these tips to create a cozy atmosphere that a future homeowner will love.

Check the Temp

Make sure the room temperature inside the house is set to a comfortable level. Depending how cool or damp it is outside, coming inside to a warmer atmosphere could be the start of setting that cozy feel. You may also want to consider setting up a coatrack near the entryway, so visitors don’t have to carry heavy coats around or get overheated as they explore.

Nice and Bright

The days are getting shorter, which means later visits make it more difficult to take advantage of natural daylight. Turn the lights on in every room, and if you can do so safely, you might even take advantage of a home’s fireplace. Not only does this light up the space, but it creates a homey feel with a natural wood-burning scent and flickering glow. It’s also a good idea to replace any burnt out lightbulbs before the guests arrive.


A white front porch with a gray front door is decorated for fall: From the door hangs a framed floral wreath that says, "grateful"; to the right of the door is a chalkboard sign reading "Pick Your Own Pumpkins" inside a vertical wooden box hung on the wall; below it is a bench that holds a pumpkin nestled in a wreath of leaves to the left of a pumpkin-shaped piece of décor resting on a tall spiraled nest of straw and leaves; in front of the bench sit two shrubs; the top blooms of a small houseplant poke into the bottom left corner of the frame


Some Seasonal Touches

A cozy throw, a fake autumn bouquet (being mindful of those with allergies), some spiced donuts and cider or coffee at the entrance… little touches here and there remind folks that this is where they want to come home after a long day. Don’t go overboard (a little bit goes a long way), and avoid highlighting any specific holiday—the last thing you need is to scare off a client who doesn’t like Halloween decorations.

More Than Curb Appeal

The front of the house is your clients’ first impression, so you’ll want to keep the yard raked and gutters cleaned as needed. You can also take those simple seasonal touches (mentioned above) outside, like adding a fall-themed “Welcome Home” wreath on the door, or hanging some multi-colored, dried cornstalks. Be wary of using fresh pumpkins, though, as they can easily rot and attract wildlife.

Even if your property is further south or the weather doesn’t change much, these little touches can make a world of difference to the client who wants to call it home.

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