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Holiday safety tips for a great winter party

A brunette white woman wearing red lipstick and a sparkly dress takes a selfie of her and her friends, 2 white women, 2 white men, and 1 Black man, who are all dressed up at a long table full of assorted platters of food and a few flutes of wine; in the back left corner is a Christmas tree, and to the left of that is a wood and metal shelving unit decorated with LED holiday lights; the 2 windows at the back are covered in vertical string lights

Most holiday party planning is focused on deciding the menu and cleaning the house, but prioritizing winter home safety is the cherry on top of your end-of-year gathering. Explore our holiday safety tips to learn ways to make sure your whole home is ready, safe, and fun for everyone.


A Black man looks wowed as his young daughter pulls a tray of muffins out of the oven


Oven cooking safety for a calm time in the kitchen

It’s a beautiful moment when several generations get to make delicious food together. With these oven cooking safety tips, you can keep things cool and collected in the kitchen and pass on holiday cooking traditions, accident free.

  • Safely reduce the risk of fire by cleaning your oven ahead of time
  • Make cleanup easier by putting a layer of foil on the bottom rack before cooking
  • Leave enough room for food to fully cook and reach a safe temperature
  • Avoid oven overload by using smaller appliances, like crockpots and countertop ovens

To learn about comprehensive maintenance for your major kitchen appliances, explore our kitchen appliance maintenance guide to make sure they’re ready for your next event.


3 black cords and 2 white cords are plugged into a power strip on a white table in front of a teal wall


Don’t blow a fuse — practice holiday electrical safety!

With all the lights and other plug-in décor, there can be a greater risk of electrical damage or fire, but have no fear — our holiday electrical safety tips can help with all your electricity woes, saving you money during the holidays and all year long.

  • Use undamaged cords to hook up your holiday favorites (avoid frayed wires or bent prongs)
  • Space out décor and appliances on different plugs to prevent blown outlets/fuses
  • Unplug devices or use smart devices to control and limit electrical usage
  • Hide cables to avoid guests or pets tripping on or pulling them.


The index finger and thumb of a white left hand coming out of a blue plaid cuffed shirt adorned with a silver watch rests on a smart thermometer with an orange screen set to 74 degrees; the thermometer is on a white plastic cover on a gray wall


Heating safety tips for the whole house

Gathering during the winter can put a strain on your home’s heating equipment, especially when you’re trying to keep everyone comfortable. Use the following heating safety tips to help your shindig go off without a hitch.


A white woman in a blue long-sleeved shirt with white polka dots, dark skinny jeans, and gray and white socks with a red helical print rests her pink-nailed left hand on her left knee; her left outer shin rests on her right kneecap, and her right leg is slung over the red leather chair she sits in at a 45-degree angle


Gas fireplace safety to enjoy the fire

A gas fireplace is an intriguing conversation piece, and you’ve got a few steps to keep your fire active but controlled. Follow these gas fireplace safety tips for carefree holiday entertaining. 

  • Clean your chimney
  • Make sure your fireplace has a screen
  • Start the fire before your guests arrive
  • Key valve owners: Keep the key available


A white man's hands hold and press a smoke detector on a white ceiling next to a white wall


Use smoke detector safety to avoid interrupting the fun

The last thing any party needs is for a smoke alarm to start beeping unnecessarily, or worse — for something to catch fire and go undetected. Follow these smoke detector safety tips to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are as ready for your event as you are.

  • Inspect and test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors a week before a gathering
  • Keep the right batteries (often AA) on hand to ensure your detectors are always working
  • Don’t block either of your units with holiday décor (your detectors need room to “breathe”)
  • Maintain both types of detectors twice a year so your home is always protected

The best way to throw a great party is to cover your bases early and have a plan in place, but the fun comes in when you add your own touch. Visit us on Facebook or Instagram to share the special ways you celebrate the holidays!