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Make kitchen appliance care easy with these tips for routine maintenance

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We all have our routines for cleaning the kitchen, but what about keeping your appliances in proper working order? Leaving kitchen maintenance as an afterthought can prevent our refrigerators and ovens from operating at their best. Fortunately, we’ve got the kitchen appliance maintenance tips that can help you prolong the life of your devices, and help you enjoy plenty of meals and memories to come.  

Stove and oven maintenance tips

If your stove and oven are out of commission, chances are your dinner plans are gonna look quite different tonight—pizza, anyone? Following these steps can help you keep this kitchen necessity ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Burn marks on ceramic stovetops can be removed by scraping off the stain with a silicone spatula, then soaking the area with a baking soda and water paste for 30 minutes before wiping it clean. If your stove has burner coils, check them for red-hot patches when the coils are heated. This could indicate that your stove is at risk of a short circuit, which could lead to costly damage.

Deep clean your oven two to four times a year when it’s cool and disconnected from a power source (unplugged or turned off from the circuit breaker).

Pro Tip: Don’t take off the knobs — chemical solutions can get into the knob holes and affect the electrical wiring.

Caring for your fridge and freezer 

Storing produce and leftovers is definitely an art, and so is making sure your refrigerator and freezer are ready to take what your household throws at them. Taking these easy steps can prevent your fridge and freezer from turning into a gallery of miniature icicles and rotten food.

Clean the condenser and evaporator coils monthly. Mild soap and water on a cleaning cloth should suffice, but it’s a good idea to check your manual for best practices. Check your refrigerator’s compressor each month to make sure there are no signs of malfunction or damage.

Check the gaskets on your fridge and freezer to make sure you’re not letting the cold out, which could lead to unsafe food temperatures. Sometimes, wiping them down can remove pieces of debris that may have been getting in the way.

Every six months, disassemble and clean your icemaker to keep the germs at bay. Defrost and clean your freezer at least twice a year as well, to help your freezer work more efficiently.

Microwave maintenance 

So, you cooked last night and made sure you had plenty of leftovers. That shrimp Alfredo is gonna be great—unless your microwave is on the fritz. Taking these small actions every month can keep the tray turning for ages to come.

Even if you cover your food regularly, it’s helpful to clean the inside and outside of your microwave at least once a month to prevent spilled food or drink from wedging in the door’s seal, which could cause your microwave to work less efficiently.

Check the condition of fairly inexpensive parts, like turntables and light bulbs, and replace as needed. When your microwave needs repair, stay safe by calling the professionals—microwaves can carry thousands of volts of electricity, even if they’ve been unplugged for months!

Dealing with your dishwasher 

Now that you’ve finished the leftovers, who’s doing the dishes? With these tips for proper maintenance, it can always be the dishwasher’s turn to do this daily chore and keep clean dishes in your cupboard.

  • Check your manual to see if your dishwasher’s filter is removable. 
  • If so, take it out once a month and clean it according to manufacturer instructions to prevent buildup. 
  • Also, wipe down your dishwasher’s spray arm every month with mild soap, water, and a cleaning cloth. 
  • If possible, remove and clean the spray arm every 6 months according to your user manual. 

For more dishwasher maintenance tips, check out this video and article!

Even with the best care, kitchen appliances can unexpectedly fail. Call 866.589.5518 or visit APHW.COM today to learn how America’s Preferred Home Warranty can help you save money when they do.

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