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Handling holiday planning: Part III of III

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You’re down to the wire now, but don’t let it overwhelm you! It’s time to complete the last few steps before your end-of year festivities. Use this last holiday planning checklist to get through the final days before your celebration with your mind intact!

The third and fourth weeks of December

With just days remaining until the holidays, it’s time to focus on the essentials to pull everything together in time. Follow these tips to check off the most important tasks before your guests arrive.

Set the tone by trimming the tree

Trimming the tree early in December’s second half makes sure this focal point is ready on time, preventing last-minute frustration from broken ornaments and tangled lights. It’ll be close enough to your main event to stay fresh and allow you to enjoy it.

Finish giving your home a winter clean

Once you’ve finished wrapping presents and putting up all the decorations, all that’s left is to get your main living areas presentable. Put on your favorite holiday music and rock out as you give all the rooms your guests will visit a solid winter clean. Don’t forget to make sure you have enough dishware for all your guests!

Divide preparations for your holiday feast

Break your holiday feast preparations into a list for the night before and one for the morning of. By splitting the work, you can reduce stress, frustration, and the likelihood of food ending up burnt, undercooked, or forgotten.

The night before your event, save time by preparing the foods that will keep well overnight, such as potato dishes or cold sides. You can also try to mix prep for items that will take a while to cook and make items that don’t require the oven or stove, such as salads or cranberry sauce.

The morning of your feast, address the foods that are best served hot and fresh by splitting the labor and having different people prep, cook, and clean. You can also use modern tech to give yourself an easier time before, during, and after preparing the meal.

Extra holiday tips

Now that you’re equipped with all these tips on holiday planning, you are well on your way to having a merry festive season. But, that’s not all folks — here are a couple bonus holiday tips to help you make them as easy as pie!

Start gift wrapping now to save sleep later

Don’t wait until the last-minute to begin gift wrapping. Save yourself from yet another headache-inducing all-nighter and wrap gifts as you bring them home (or to the other side of your front door).

Holiday shipping made easy

Though shipping is a whole lot easier than dropping off gifts near and far (sound like someone you’ve heard of?), it can come with its own challenges. Follow the steps below to make holiday shipping a whole lot easier:

  • Review your contact info early to avoid gifts getting returned or sent to the wrong address
  • Check your local post office or delivery service location’s holiday hours to plan accordingly
  • Save gift wrap and tape by knowing which stores offer to wrap and ship presents

Congratulations for making it through, and happy holidays from the APHW Family! Celebrate another year of coming together under one roof by making sure the major systems and appliances nestled beneath it are covered — check out our coverage guide or call 866.589.5767  today.

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