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Decorating for Fall

Diagonally split screen of a fall couch and a fall porch

We’re making the move from swimsuits to sweaters, and it’s time for our homes to match. Decorating for fall is a great opportunity to welcome new weather and showcase your personality, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to highlight your design taste for the season.

Common Spaces

Décor in high-traffic areas works best when it doesn’t eat up too much usable space. Look for places in your living room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen that have room for seasonal accents without affecting the general use of the space.

  • Living Room: Machine washable area rugs can add a nice pop of color and are an easy way to revolutionize the feel of the space.
  • Dining Room: Machine washable table runners come in various textures, sizes, and styles, so you can find the right one to adorn the center of your dining table.
  • Bathroom: Earth-toned towels and mats can pull a fall look together, and a wall plug-in can give you the scents of the season without using counter space.
  • Kitchen: Take your décor and cooking to the next level with fresh herb plants near the window, and see what kinds of herb pots you can spruce up or find. Get yourself in the baking mood with a beautiful recipe box dedicated to dishes for this time of year (soups and chilis and pies—oh, my!)

Small Spaces

Find small spaces in your home and fill them with objects that remind you of annual fall traditions or your ideal fall season. The football you always use for the family’s Thanksgiving game can be prominently displayed in an open spot on a bookshelf, and an empty space in a hutch can be the perfect place for a framed assortment of dried fall leaves.

As we inch toward the holidays, it’s also key to use items that have a calming effect. Small cinnamon brooms can occupy a corner and fill an open area with a scent of the season. To make decorating a breeze, you can also make seasonal shadow boxes to easily swap out mementos and décor as needed.

Unusual Spaces

Uniquely structured areas in your home can be made more functional by adding shelves or using alternative items for display or storage (check out our article on DIY storage and display tips). This can also be a great time to get creative and use pieces that don’t yet have a designated location—you could even use a variety of pieces to make a fall diorama!

Outdoor Spaces

There are plenty of touches you can add to carry the fall feeling out of your home and all the way to the street.

  • Porch: Swap out the welcome mat for one with earth tones, and add a fall wreath made of multicolored pumpkins, or acorns and pinecones. For a no-fuss way to add pizazz to your front door, use leaf cling-ons (the kids can help, too!)
  • Garage: You can dress up the exterior by adding a decal to the door, or by adding bouquets to the external garage lights.
  • Lawn: Lawn inflatables or yard signs can be a fun way to match the leaves changing around them.
  • Patio/Deck: Jazz up your outdoor space with a fall leaf or pumpkin garland (wraparound or vertical), and consider stacking small painted pumpkins into pyramids or using the pumpkins as vases for seasonal flowers.

For more tips on how to decorate for your personal taste, check out our article on comfort decorating. Whether you prefer small touches of décor or you enjoy transforming your home into a cinnamon pumpkin paradise, keep the fall cheer going by covering your home’s major appliances and systems with an APHW home warranty. Call 866.394.8767 or visit APHW.COM today for more information.

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