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Decorating for Fall

A collage of 3 images: Left side–A front porch with a green front door and dark wood flooring is decorated with a fall wreath and various pumpkins; Top Right–burgundy leaves, a glass bottle, and a black and black-and-white buffalo plaid sign reads, "Hello Fall"; Bottom Right–a light wooden table is set for a formal meal with yellow, orange, and fall decor, including a foliage table runner and small figurines

The leaves are changing, and sweaters have become all the rage once more – it’s time for our homes to match. Avoid breaking the bank with these tips on inexpensive fall decorating ideas.

Make your common spaces pop

Décor in high-traffic areas works best when it doesn’t eat up too much usable space. All around your home, you’ll find room for seasonal accents that won’t compromise your ability to use the space.


A bowl of acorns sits on a woven mat on a wooden coffee table


Cozy up to these living room fall décor ideas

Whether reading a book or watching the game, the living room is a major hub of your home. Use these key pieces of fall décor to keep it inviting.

Elevate your cozy by changing out your area rug for a machine washable one in your favorite shades of orange, red, and gold. Machine washable area rugs can be purchased for as little as $25, and they add a nice pop of color, revolutionizing the feel of the space. Draw your eyes to the warmth of your fireplace with a faux foliage garland for $5-$25.

For décor that meets you at eye level, collect the most striking leaves in your yard, dry them, and put them in a thrifted frame. Incorporate the scents of the season by picking acorns or purchasing scented pinecones for as little as $3 and putting them in an attractive bowl on your living room coffee table.

Dress up your dining room

What’s colorful, easy to clean, and has a spot at the dining table long before you do? A machine washable table runner, of course! Whether you want leaves, metallics, or one long enough to hang off the sides of your dining room table, you can find a stylish table runner to be in season through the end of the year for $10-$40 (even less if you thrift).

Give your table runner some company with a nice vase, candle, and silk flower setup in the center of the table. You can purchase an arrangement for around $40 or go the economical route and assemble it yourself.

Take these steps to adorn your home with the colors, textures, scents, and symbols of the season for less than $50 a room!


A fall themed bath setup, complete with earth-toned washcloths, a bouquet of marigolds, and two lit candles


Make your bathroom bolder

The bathroom can easily be changed over to fall with a few easy swaps. You can’t go wrong with an earth-toned towel or bathmat set (beginning at $10 per set). Get even more festive with a leaf motif or a seasonal plaid print!

Fall-themed shower curtains start at around $15. For a couple extra bucks, you can bring home a small candle or scented wall plug-in to release the aromas of the season while using less counter space.

Kick your kitchen up a notch

Who says you can’t have a green thumb in the fall? Add some seasonal herb planters near the window so you can have fresh herbs in time for your holiday meals. Put them in individual neutral-toned or decorative small pots  ($15 and up) or fall in love with an herb planter set ($20 and up); herb plants start around $15.

Pull your kitchen’s fall look together with a themed set of hand towels, and consider subbing in fall-colored potholders, too (prices start from $5 each).

Decorate small spaces at small prices

Your home likely has some nooks or crannies that are great places for petite fall decorations. Find the small spaces in your home and fill them with objects that remind you of annual fall traditions or your ideal fall season, like the following:

  • Display your Thanksgiving football in an open spot on a bookshelf
  • Fill empty space with real or sewn fall acorns or miniature pumpkins ($5 and up)
  • Order Halloween figurines for as little as $10 to have seasonal sentinels for your windowsills
  • Small, but mighty, cinnamon brooms fill a room with scent for as little as $2

This can also be a great time to get creative and use pieces that don’t yet have a designated location—you could even use a variety of pieces to make a fall diorama!

Pro Tip: Make your home’s unique spaces more functional by adding shelves or using alternative items for display or storage.


A teal-and-white front porch is adorned with a fall wreath and assorted pumpkins


Outdoor Spaces

Your home’s outdoor spaces are another great opportunity for fall décor. For under $20, you can bring that fall feeling through your front door, to your home’s exterior, and all the way to the street.


Swap out the welcome mat for one with earth tones, and add a fall wreath made of multicolored pumpkins, or acorns and pinecones. For a no-fuss way to add pizazz to your front door, stack pumpkins or use leaf cling-ons (the kids can help, too!)


Dress up the exterior by adding fall decals to the door, or by adding bouquets or small wreaths to your external garage lights. Keep a barrier of thick glass or a few inches of space between the foliage and these lights, and make sure there is no exposed or frayed wiring before adorning them for the season.


A fall-themed "Home Sweet Home" yard sign sticks out of mulch in front of a shrub



Explore the variety of lawn inflatables or yard signs available for a fun way to respond to the mood brought on by the changing leaves.


Jazz up your outdoor space with a fall leaf or pumpkin garland (wraparound or vertical) and consider stacking small painted pumpkins into pyramids or using the pumpkins as vases for seasonal flowers.

Pro Tip: Learn more about how to decorate for your personal taste – check out our article on comfort decorating.

Whether you prefer small touches of décor or transforming your home into a cinnamon pumpkin paradise, you’ve got what you need to keep the fall cheer going!


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