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Do the Right ‘Spring’: Maintain Your Mansion

Do the Right ‘Spring’: Maintain Your Mansion

Northerners may be considering some groundhog revenge—He said Spring would be EARLY this year!—but those down south are enjoying some much warmer weather. So, let’s dust off the old Spring-Cleaning chore list, and while we’re at it, let’s give your home a check-up too. (Don’t worry, Spring will make it up north eventually!)

Inspection Suggestions

Pretty much every joint, corner, panel, shingle or window in your home is a good place for nature to try and wriggle through. Help your home (and your budget) with a thorough inspection of each room, including the basement and attic.

  • Look for worn, cracked or flaking caulk or seals.
  • Check for cracks in your foundation.
  • Inspect your roof, especially around your chimney.
  • Look over gutters and downspouts.

Walk around inside and outside slowly, taking notes as you do—so you can check each one off as you fix it and none get forgotten. While this may seem tedious, it’s necessary: Small issues have a habit of becoming much bigger (and more expensive) issues when left to their own devices.

While you’re looking around, take notice of any exposed piping or tubes in your home, like those connected to your washer and dryer, or the pipes beneath your sinks—Spring is a great time to check for leaks.


Yep, you read that right. Pull out those appliances (gently—you don’t want to break any connections) and use a vacuum brush extension to dust the back and underneath. Dust all those shelves that nothing ever moves on. Go through your entertainment center and dust all the connections. Clean up underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks and wipe down any exposed piping in your basement.

Why so thorough?

  1. Dust is essentially dead skin cells, so… ew.
  2. Many-legged critters like to hole up in dark spaces for the Winter. This is their eviction notice.
  3. The more dust that builds up on your appliances, the harder they have to work, which reduces their lifespan.

Isn’t one day of dusting each year worth the money they would cost to replace? Plus the other two reasons?

Some Other Considerations

  • Test your Sump Pump
  • Check the Water Pressure
  • Drain Sediment from your Water Heater
  • Lubricate Often-Used Mechanics (such as a garage door opener)
  • Clean out the Dryer Vent
  • Check the Garage Door for Balance
  • Clean your Air Conditioner
  • Test/Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

Happy Spring Cleaning!