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DIY: Cleaning your HVAC system

Pieces of an HVAC duct system are laid out separately on a gray-white background

Your home’s vents and ducts keep the air flowing every day—but how often are they cleaned? With these easy steps, you can quickly check your home’s airflow, identify any problems , and give your HVAC system a good DIY cleaning that improves your indoor air quality.

What does a duct system do?

Your home’s duct or vent system circulates clean and climate-controlled air throughout each room in your home, while removing dust, allergens, and other particulates.

This system can be a great benefit to any household when it’s working well, but issues with your duct system can reach all spaces of your house and cause everything from unpleasant odors to persistent allergies.

Maintaining the different parts of a home HVAC system

A full HVAC duct cleaning is better left to the professionals, but cleaning other parts of your home’s HVAC system can help it work at full capacity. Keep the rest of the system in order with these simple steps.

  • Dust and wipe all easily accessible vents
  • Make sure none of your vents are blocked
  • If you have pets, be sure to vacuum regularly
  • Change your HVAC filters often

Important times to clean your air ducts

There are particular situations that are perfect for inspecting your home’s vents and ducts. Get your duct system examined when you experience any of the events below:

  • Moving into a home
  • Renovating a home
  • Experiencing high energy bills
  • Persistent home allergies or odors

You can also run a DIY home energy assessment or check your temperature settings to make your home’s climate more comfortable—even when you're away!

Serious HVAC duct problems

Due to their design, certain issues can be expected when your vents are due for a cleaning. If you notice that they have any of the following, it may be time to call in a professional.

  • Mold  
  • Mice or other rodents
  • Excessive dust in your vents, even after changing HVAC filters

With these tools, you now know how to maintain your duct system to keep the air clean and your temperature and energy bills comfortable! 

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