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Contractor Cornerstones: Humidifier Maintenance for Homeowners

Are you keeping up with your humidifier? No, not the essential oil-misting gadget sitting on a shelf—the one in your furnace. In this episode of Contractor Cornerstones, Jackson, Michigan’s Lammers Heating & Air Conditioning President Todd Desy told us what homeowners should be checking for.

According to,* a whole house humidifier works with the furnace, “…to distribute moisture efficiently to all living areas.” In other words, that’s what keeps the heated air from drying everything out in your home and causing excess static electricity… that is, unless you like getting zapped every time you reach for something metallic.

“Homeowners should check their humidifier filter (or pad) a couple times a year and replace it if necessary,” Todd said. “If the pads are left in too long, they can cause condensate leaks and drain line issues.”

It’s up to the homeowner to decide if they are comfortable replacing a pad—but there are some cases when Todd strongly recommends calling a technician for assistance. “If the pad looks like it has deteriorated to the point where there’s debris in the humidifier and into the drain line, they should have a tech come out and clean the whole system,” he said. “It’s necessary to ensure there are no blockages in the drain line,” which can lead to expensive repairs.

So, when was the last time you gave your furnace humidifier a once-over? If it’s high time to do so, click here for a step-by-step to help you along.*

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