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Getting Zapped in Winter? Maintain Your Humidifier Now

Every winter in the Midwest, I’m utterly shocked—by static electricity. While this clues me in to go look at my furnace humidifier, you can avoid these sparking revelations with a little upkeep before, during, and after heating season—especially in the Spring. Your semi-glowing pets will thank you.

Your furnace-mounted humidifier maintains your home’s humidity at a comfortable level. There are two common styles of humidifier: Reservoir and Flow-through.

  • The reservoir style has a tank with standing water. A sponge-like pad moves through it and circles up into the furnace heat. While this is a less expensive option, bacteria can build up in the water and it will require more frequent cleanings.
  • flow-through humidifier has a constant drip of water to supply the humidity in the air. This more expensive option prevents the bacteria build-up and requires less maintenance.

As with any appliance, normal use will cause wear and tear over time. Cleaning and maintaining your humidifier are the best ways to ensure it will last and be effective for as long as possible. Check out these tips* to help you get the most out of yours!

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