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APHW-TrustDALE partnership built around a “heart for consumers”

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How do you determine which businesses you can trust? When it comes to home warranty providers, America’s Preferred Home Warranty’s (APHW’s) partnership with TrustDALE gives you one more reason to put us at the top of your list! 

In my interview with TrustDALE General Manager, Laura, I was able to dive deep into how TrustDALE came to be, and all the ways it benefits our homeowners. 

Why you should trust TrustDALE 

For starters, Dale Cardwell (the person the company’s named after) has always been one to do his research. He brings his 35+ years of experience in investigative journalism to the table when vetting company backgrounds and facilitating the best possible outcomes for his consumers. 

Each day, Dale, Laura, and the TrustDALE team strive to, “help people before they have a problem, especially in the homeowner industry.” They’re committed to putting consumers first all over the country – at no cost to them!



The 7-point review process

So, what does it take for a business to join the ranks of companies approved by TrustDALE? As Laura shared, “Every company that wants to be a part of the TrustDALE network has to go through his 7-point investigative process.” To join this esteemed group, America’s Preferred Home Warranty had to meet the following criteria:

  1. Price: APHW honors the prices we advertise, and we don’t use products we don’t have available in order to upsell. 
  2. Verification: APHW agrees to continuous and systematic review for great customer service.
  3. What Would Dale Do?: Dale Cardwell reviews every company himself, and he considers APHW a company he would personally do business with!
  4. Consumer Experience: The TrustDALE team has reviewed popular and less-popular databases to ensure that our homeowners are consistently well satisfied. 
  5. Licensing, Professional Certification, Insurance and/or Bonding: APHW has all of the credentials it needs to give our best to our homeowners. 
  6. Lawsuit Search and Review: APHW’s litigation history has been reviewed to confirm our honorable legal record.
  7. The “$10,000 Make It Right Guarantee”: APHW has agreed to the principles and process of the TrustDALE $10,000 Make It Right Guarantee! 

Laura said that after passing TrustDALE’s 7-point review process, they found us to be, “a business that operates earnestly and tries to operate in the best interest of the consumer.”

Storytime: How TrustDALE helped an APHW homeowner

Learn how TrustDALE worked with the Shaw family to help them get the most out of their APHW home warranty.



What homeowners must remember

Though APHW is the only home warranty company in TrustDALE’s business registry, the process for being able to access TrustDALE’s services is the same for all their business partnerships. 

  • Within 48 hours of buying any backed product or service, register your purchase at trustdale.com (at no cost to you). “It takes seven seconds to register your home warranty,” Laura shared. “It’s super simple!”
  • If talking with our award-winning Customer Service Team somehow doesn’t leave you feeling satisfied, you can reach out to TrustDALE and submit your concern to a full-time consumer care manager, who is available to answer your questions.
  • For assistance with your concerns, the TrustDALE team is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM and 24/7 online (with a webchat!). Urgent matters will be handled by phone. 
  • Note: Even if TrustDALE is not currently operating in your home state, you can still register purchases for full access to their services! 

In teaming up with TrustDALE, we hope to highlight how APHW is intentionally taking every step we can to do right by every homeowner who chooses to do business with us. 

General Manager Laura’s closing remarks are something for us all to remember: “We are 100% dedicated to doing the right thing. Dale has a heart for consumers, which is why this company was developed. If a consumer needs something, they can come to us.”

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