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10 reasons new homeowners should get their first home warranty

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Buying a home comes with plenty of moving parts. With so many recommendations from loved ones and online, it can be hard to determine which investments will pay off in the long run.

If a home warranty has been on your radar but you’re not sure if it’s the right move,  here are 10 reasons you might consider getting your first home warranty to go with your new home.

1. Protect your investment

A home is a place to create memories, but it is also an investment. Ensuring that a warranty comes with your home helps you maintain the systems and appliances that keep your home running smoothly, making it a place where you find joy and comfort for years to come. 


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2. Keep it all in one place—process claims online

Gone are the days of having to wait several weeks for a claim update or reimbursement. Many home warranty providers have made it possible for you to open, process claims, and receive reimbursement online, with phone lines available as a backup. With the growing popularity of online banking, this helps you keep all your financials in one place.

3. Count on customer service support in a crisis

Buying your first home comes with a bundle of other firsts. When a home system or appliance breaks down, it can be overwhelming, but a home warranty’s customer service support can help you address the situation and get things back to normal quickly. 

4. Avoid a DIY Disaster

When a home appliance starts misbehaving, it can be tempting to try to fix it yourself to save money, which could be dangerous when it comes to certain household items. A home warranty helps you remove the risk of a DIY disaster by bringing in a qualified professional for the job.


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5. Let a licensed contractor do the heavy lifting

Over the many years spent owning a home, it helps to know exactly who to call when there’s a repair emergency. Some home warranty companies provide their own contracted technicians, while others empower you to choose your own licensed contractor to get the job done, so you can get help from people you trust. Knowing what works best for you will help you choose the best home warranty company for your needs.

6. Save on home repairs

A home warranty can help you save money on home repairs by handling most or all the repair costs when covered items break down, so you spend less money out of pocket. A home warranty can be the gift that keeps on giving (and keeps your furnace hot and your A/C cold when you need it)!

7. Complement your homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance may cover damage to your home in the event of a disaster, but most plans don’t cover appliance or home system failures due to normal wear and tear. A home warranty helps cover those unexpected breakdowns and fill in the gaps where homeowners insurance leaves off.

8. Be prepared for when manufacturer warranties expire

Many homeowners feel comforted knowing their home systems and appliances have manufacturer warranties, but aren’t prepared for when those policies expire. With a home warranty, you already have a home service contract ready to assume coverage when that day comes.


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9. Get more life out of your machines with home appliance maintenance

Home appliance maintenance isn’t just routine cleaning; it’s about keeping the machines you rely on in good working order. Having a home warranty puts a plan in place for when a covered item fails due to normal wear and tear; it helps you not to skip a beat when there’s an unexpected breakdown, so you can keep your household humming.

10. Boost your home resale value

Should you ever decide to sell your home, the love you’ve shown it with your home warranty can give you a great return on your investment—literally. A well-maintained home means you’re more likely to have a higher home resale value, which can help you get a higher market price when it comes time to sell.

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