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Homeowners: Get your APHW customer loyalty program benefits today!

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Did you know America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) offers our homeowners a free loyalty program? Through our free Preferred Rewards savings program, you can save on the food, goods, and services you use every day.

Customer loyalty program benefits

Our Preferred Rewards program is specifically designed to help you save even more as an APHW customer. If you have one of our home warranties, here’s how you can start enjoying your S.A.V.I.N.G.S. N.O.W:

  • S: Supports up to 10 forms of payment per homeowner account
  • A: Available only to those with an active APHW home warranty
  • V: Variety of deals from your favorite retailers (over 260 brands)!
  • I: In-store, in-restaurant, and online app and digital gift card use
  • N: No registration fee
  • G: Generous discounts (average savings of 6%)
  • S: Super-fast registration (get started in as little as 5 minutes!)


  • N:  Near-instant delivery of coupons to the ShoppingBoss® app
  • O: Optimal safety with encryption, PCI audit compliance, and other cybersecurity features
  • W: Willing and able support at 844-818-9912, support@shoppingboss.com, and on FaceTime

Get started today!

Save more

Did you know that America’s Preferred Home Warranty has even more ways to help you save money? Covering your major home systems and appliances with an APHW home warranty can save you thousands in repair costs alone! Visit our coverage guide or call 866.794.0875 today to what we offer.

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