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Talent Recognized & Encouraged at APHW

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Just get your foot in the door?” It’s a concept used pretty regularly at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) because… well, it’s true! Just ask Nate.

Starting in APHW Customer Service in June 2017, Nate was accepting calls and handling claims for the company—and it wasn’t long before his work was getting noticed. “They recommended that I apply to Customer Care, but I was going to school at the time, so I decided against it,” he said. “A year later they asked again, and I like to change things up every once in a while, so I applied. I got the job, and once I got in, I realized it was quite the opportunity.

“We’re kind of the ‘last line of defense,’ trying to help the homeowner within the confines of the home warranty,” Nate said. “I really like the investigative work that we do to research claim backgrounds and information, and I feel like we’re even more family-oriented in here with the smaller group.”

But Nate appreciates APHW for more than just opportunities—he also loves the company’s obvious care for the staff. “I’ve never worked at a company that cared about their employees as much as Randy (the President & Owner) does,” he said. “The leaders here really recognize our role in the company’s growth and show how much they appreciate us.”

One such show of appreciation is the Employee of the Month designation, which APHW awarded to Nate for January 2021. “It was awesome, and definitely unexpected,” he said, adding several names behind his success. “LaKeia was a great support system for me as soon as I got into Customer Care; Shelly has always been just a go-getter and just the kindest person ever; Kellie and Sharon both believed in me, and Annetta is the one who initially got me into the job—she always makes sure everyone’s taken care of, and without her, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now.”

Nate has already recommended APHW to several friends, who are still working for the company today. “It’s a very family-oriented place that really cares about everybody, with great benefits, great people, and an all-around great environment to work with,” he said.

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