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One of the Best Companies I’ve Ever Worked For

When your friend tries to recruit you for a company, are they really your friend? In this case—YEP! Krista followed her friend’s advice to apply at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) in 2018. Two years later, she says it’s one of the best companies she’s ever worked for. Here’s her story:

“I’m really good friends with Annetta, who told me she’d found this amazing company and how my personality would be a really good fit. I had worked in customer service most of my life and had no room to grow where I was, so when Annetta told me how APHW was growing fast and would have more opportunities, I decided to apply.

“When I first got here and trained, it just felt so welcoming. It felt more like a family than a company, and like I was actually doing something—like I was part of a company that actually cared about what they were offering their customers. And management was amazing!”

And those opportunities kept coming. APHW awarded Krista as their December 2020 Employee of the Month, and she recently applied to an internal opening in Claims Processing.

“Now that I’ve been in APHW customer service for two years, I want to see how the back end works and how things are finalized. A few people suggested it might be a good step for me, and I feel like it would make me a better employee all around.

“I’ve never seen a company grow this big at such a fast rate. Even with COVID around, we’re still here and building, and I’m just so happy to be a part of that.

“I would definitely recommend that people consider applying at APHW—it’s one of the best companies I’ve worked for. We’re a family, and we don’t want to see anybody fail. This company wants to see you succeed and achieve all your goals, and they’ll give you everything you need to be successful. It’s just a very positive environment.”          

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