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And the Opportunities Continue!

We shared LaKeia’s story back in June 2019 on how she joined America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) after learning about the opportunities available, and her subsequent promotion to Customer Care. Well, it looks like the opportunities are still coming!

Around June 2020, LaKeia’s team manager asked if she’d like to do a trial period as the new supervisor for the Customer Care department. “I was hesitant at first,” LaKeia said, adding that the previous supervisor was a hard act to follow. “I knew the job, but being a supervisor is different from being support staff.” She agreed to the 90-day trial, however, which resulted in a full promotion less than 60 days later.

“It is incredibly fulfilling,” LaKeia said. “And I couldn’t do it without our team. We all come together with any questions we may have, and Kellie is the best boss I could ever ask for in stepping into a supervisor role—she’s a Godsend, honest and truly.”

The support of LaKeia’s team and the leadership at APHW have made all the difference in her journey within the company. “I’m always in awe, because I just never had this kind of support at any other job,” she said. “Everybody that you come in contact with, we all work as one well-oiled machine.”

And her star continues to shine brighter yet: APHW elected LaKeia as their November 2020 Employee of the Month. “I’m just grateful to work for a wonderful company,” she said. “And I’m looking forward to the possibilities of the future. They really are endless.”

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