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Personal experience paves the way for partnerships

Have past experiences come together to take you where you need to be? This was the case for Tampa, Florida Area Sales Manager (ASM) Renato Amarena. Renato previously worked for a company where he served as 50% of the staff. When he eventually left that position, he began a role that required extensive amounts of time on LinkedIn, leading him to an opening for an ASM at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW). The ideal candidate needed to be good at public speaking, and Renato had recently earned the Distinguished Toastmaster award. Combined with his other attributes, this made him a great candidate for the position.

Once he joined the APHW family, Renato quickly saw all the great things the company had to offer. “We’re one of the only home warranties that allows our homeowners to choose their own licensed contractor for home repairs,” he stated, cheerfully adding, “I talk about that feature with a lot of pride and enthusiasm.”

Going from a company with a staff size of two to a business with over 300 employees and counting, Renato said he was impressed by how he has been treated at APHW. “Upper management makes you feel like you’re part of a family. I received a call from Rodney, our CEO, when my father passed, and my RSD, Andrew, called me when I had to take time off,” he said. “They make you feel like you’re part of a family, and that’s rare these days.”

In the Tampa Bay area, Renato informs REALTORS® and real estate agents of all the great things APHW offers. As someone who was a real estate agent himself years ago, Renato can really relate to common goals and pain points in the real estate industry, and he makes sure they feel heard. “I love engaging my audience,” he said.

Renato also understands how an APHW home warranty can give real estate agents a leg up in the overall picture. “Working with APHW can help you differentiate yourself and win more listings,” he said.

How, you might ask? An APHW home warranty offers coverage that can really help a homeowner’s budget go further, long after closing. Renato describes it like this: “Home warranties are kind of like car insurance—when something happens, you’re glad you have it. The warranty can easily pay for itself with just one or two claims,” he said.

Making sure your clients move into a home that is covered under APHW gives them a gift that keeps on giving, especially when they encounter a situation that may leave them feeling otherwise stuck. “We always try to do the right thing, which is another thing I like about APHW.”

By partnering with one of our ASMs, you and your clients can feel understood and protected while you get that extra boost to help elevate your business in the process. Call 800.583.8157 or visit APHW.COM today for more information on how to get connected with your local partner in real estate today.

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