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PA Homeowners say filing a claim with APHW is ‘a seamless process’

Imagine making it home after a long winter day, ready to relax, only to realize you don’t have heat! This was the case for Trudy and Chip Sutters. Their first reaction was “slight panic,” says Trudy, but then they remembered they had an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), so they contacted our Customer Service Team right away!

Trudy states, “Anna was wonderful; she walked us through how the whole system worked and what we needed, and she kept in touch with us every day. It was freezing, so we were anxious to get everything settled, and it was a seamless process!”

When it came to the repairs, there was no guesswork about who would cover what. “They were very up front about what they were going to cover,” Trudy says, “and we felt very comfortable with the amount.” Trudy and Chip were able to use the contractors typically used by their condo association without a hitch. “APHW and the vendor worked really well together to settle everything up,” Trudy states.

APHW’s easy claims process helped the couple quickly restore their heat, and before long, their home was warm and cozy again. Investing in an APHW home warranty had paid dividends in Trudy and Chip’s peace of mind. “I highly suggest getting a home warranty when you purchase a home—you never know when an emergency might come up,” Trudy says. “It was such a relief to us that we had the home warranty, especially with an issue that was very time sensitive, like heating.”

What started out as a nightmare for Trudy and Chip ended up as a dream. Trudy shares, “We had an excellent experience with it—really nice. It was a really wonderful experience, so it’s important to us to share that.”

Call 866.589.5767 or visit APHW.COM for more information on how to make sure your home is covered against unexpected expenses today. ‘Future you’ will be so glad you did!

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