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Quick Help to Heat a Home—in a Hurry!

Bekah Farley purchased a home last year, and she loved sharing the 100-year-old house with her 7-month-old daughter—until the furnace went out. “I woke up in the middle of the night and I was freezing cold,” Bekah said. “I didn’t know what happened, but we had no heat.” On this frigid night in January, Bekah and her infant daughter needed a working furnace, and they needed it fast!

Bekah’s home was protected by America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), so she contacted the company quickly and Customer Service jumped on the case.

“Their staff were very friendly and responsive, and I love that they let me choose my own contractor,” Bekah said. “This allowed me to choose a company I trust and get the heat back on for my baby within 24 hours!”

Bekah was surprised with how quickly APHW paid for the repair. “APHW employees [were] really clear with me about process, and I received the check from APHW within 2 weeks—which is probably even more impressive considering postal service lately. I was able to put that directly back toward my finances, which was really helpful.”

Thank you for choosing APHW, Bekah. We are happy to help!

Call 866.589.5518or visit APHW.COM today to find out how APHW can help protect you against unpleasant surprises, too.

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