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‘Love the people you work with’ when you work at APHW

Kellie Baker in a plum-colored dress next to text that says ‘Love the people you work with’ when you work at APHW

Some heroes are celebrated for major acts of courage in public, while others are congratulated for steady dedication and development behind the scenes. We took it back to their beginnings of their time at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) to see how our Kellie, our 2023 Unsung Hero, was made.

Quick understanding, fast growth

After moving near our corporate headquarters in Jackson, Michigan, Kellie began her path at APHW as a Customer Service Representative, but after quickly learning and answering customer calls centered on our home warranty’s Terms and Conditions, it wasn’t long before she began training new hires.

Kellie soon earned promotions, becoming a Trainer Supervisor on the Customer Care Team, before taking what she considers “probably the biggest leap” when she submitted her application for the role of Customer Experience Manager.

In daring to dream out loud, Kellie accepted this “challenge to my own confidence, leading a group of coworkers”. She was promoted to this position and relied on the experience she had gained along the way. “I’ve learned a lot in this role and about leadership, and it’s not just about encouraging people to perform their jobs, but also to provide them with support when necessary in their personal lives. They do cross over, and one affects the other. I encourage people to believe in themselves, and work with them to succeed.”

Strength in support

Not one to view herself as an island, Kellie also knows she can connect and share knowledge with colleagues Alan and Lynette, the respective Director and Assistant Director of Contact Center Operations, in a pinch. With teamwork and support flowing in all directions, Kellie stated, “The most impactful thing I’ve done is promote team members into leadership roles and always support them. I’m always a big encourager for my team. I want to see them succeed, and I do what I can to show them I believe in them.”

After years of undeniable work ethic and a positive outlook on the hardest of days, Kellie was shocked and elated when she found out she was this year’s Unsung Hero.

Kellie’s big surprise 

“It was such a surprise. Receiving this award, and even being nominated for this award, was totally unexpected,” Kellie stated. “It was so great to receive so much outpouring love from everyone,” she shared, adding, “I never really thought about doing my job for acknowledgement. It was never really something I sought out. I love the people I work with.”

Kellie took a moment to show her appreciation for everyone who has encouraged her, saying, “I would really like to thank everyone who participated in that nomination, and everyone who reached out to congratulate me. I really feel like I’ve gotten a lot of support from my leadership, and that’s why I’ve been so successful at APHW!”

Reflecting on who she was on her first day at APHW, Kellie shared what she would tell Kellie from ten years ago: “Believe in yourself”. And ten years later, she’s glad she did.