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Employee review: Room and support for growth

LaShonda Jackson is in a patterned collared shirt, hoop earrings, and a bun

“I’ve never worked for a company like this before.” You might think Lashonda meant a home warranty company, but when she joined America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), it wasn’t the product that caught her eye—it was how the team worked through the challenges of switching cloud systems, right in the middle of the busy season.

“I probably would have lost my mind,” Lashonda shared honestly, “but all the support made me want to stay. Everybody was just really nice, and everyone put in the effort to stay positive under the stress and keep motivating you. That’s what I love most about being with this company.”

Advancement opportunities

After about a year as a Customer Service Rep, the Call Center Operations Manager took note of Lashonda’s hard work and pulled her aside (along with three others) to help develop a new Customer Service Support Team (CSST) within APHW.

“It was completely unexpected—he just chose us to do this, and then gave us the idea of what he wanted the new department to be,” Lashonda recalled. “So, we came together as a team and got it up and running. We kind of just created our own system and how we thought it should operate, and CSST is pretty much still running the same way today.”

After COVID changed everyone’s lives a few years later, Lashonda was working from home when she saw a new opportunity in Customer Care Support at APHW. “I felt kind of stagnant in CSST, and I was just ready to move up, take on a new task, and learn something new,” she said. “I felt like I was definitely a good fit for the position, so I applied—and I’ve been there ever since!”


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Support throughout

Lashonda’s team in Customer Care Support are a close bunch, and they look out for each other. “We’ve all had to cover each other at times, and we’ll often take on tasks to help out,” she described. So it felt pretty amazing when APHW recognized her as their February Employee of the Month.

“I feel great about it!” she enthused, noting special importance behind it, as she is fully remote. “I feel like, working from home, you’re kind of in the shadows and your work isn’t seen as much. So this shows me that we’re still being appreciated for the work we do, and still being valued as team members.”

And company leadership clearly work hard to show that. “APHW understands that you have to value your employees if you want your employees to value your company,” Lashonda said. “I really appreciate everything that they’ve invested to help me and my team members move upward, and I hope I can become a more valuable asset to the company.”

We are hiring

Would you like to take the next step in your career? Apply at APHW today, and remember—we love to promote from within!