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Homeowner review: Good Samaritans get the help they needed

You may have heard the phrase “Good Samaritan” before: It’s a moniker often given to people that help others without expecting anything in return. It certainly applies to Washington State homeowners Lisa and Chris Ruchert, who took in three siblings at once so they could all stay together – and this unexpected surprise led to needing a new home.

“They’re good kids, ages 3, 6, and 9, and we are so happy! But we needed a bigger place so they’d each have their own room,” Lisa explained. “God has a plan for everything—sometimes you just don’t know what it is.”

America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) came as part of the deal when she and her wife purchased their new place - and it’s a good thing it did, because a problem arose quickly.

A gray and black garbage disposal


A breakdown, and a return customer

“The garbage disposal was really loud when we moved in. We cleaned it out as best we could, but it quit completely within a month or two,” Lisa said. “We went ahead and called APHW, and they told us to choose any licensed contractor; so we called the same people we’d used at the last place.”

Being able to choose someone they knew and trusted was a big plus for the Rucherts. “When you know you get good service from a company, you want to continue with them,” Lisa said, noting their plumber had been very good with their sewer line and everything else at the last house. “We trust them, and the technician they sent was very, very nice. He seemed to be great with the warranty, too—we had the phone on speaker the whole time so we could both hear.”

APHW’s customer service lived up to its award-winning reputation that day. “The service rep was extremely accommodating and very helpful, with all the right information,” Lisa added. “Everything went according to plan, and that’s really a rarity in customer service these days. They did an outstanding job!”

The Rucherts paid up front, and after sending in the invoice, they received their reimbursement check within just two business days. “It was very fast!” Lisa said.


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APHW was there when money was tight

Whether you’re living paycheck to paycheck or just trying to plan for the future, a home warranty can save you money when you need it most. Between choosing their own contractor, the quality customer service, and the lightning-fast payment, the Rucherts were thrilled with their experience—but the real stand-out moment was APHW’s coverage when money was tight.

“I lost my job during COVID, and went to a minimum wage position,” Lisa explained. With all the money that went into their recent home purchase, plus their newest three additions, the Rucherts could not have afforded the repair on their own. Their home warranty experience led them to renew for another year.

“APHW kind of saved us,” Lisa said.

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You can help too

If Lisa’s story has inspired you to consider fostering children, we encourage you to look into it! If you live in or near Michigan, we highly recommend Child and Family Charities as a place to start. Even if you can’t foster right now, a donation to the charity can go a long way toward helping to keep children off the street. Visit ChildandFamily.org today for more information.

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