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Homeowner Review: APHW ‘A Class Act’

“These guys are great. We had four claims over the year of coverage. They did what they said. Paid on time without dispute. Courteous. A class act. We are impressed!” ~Google Review by Indiana Homeowner Mark Scovel

What better statement of service could you ask for? We’d like to thank Mark for his recent Google review of America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), and for the follow-up interview where he talked more about his experiences.

“APHW did a great job, and I just want to tell everybody! In our last claim for plumbing, we opened the claim, called the plumbing company, got the approval, and they unplugged the drain in about 5 minutes. They charged us $200, and APHW gave us back $150. What a deal!

“We also really like how you can choose your own contractor, because you might have a history or experience with certain people that other warranty companies wouldn’t let you use. Ours came out within two or three hours, which was really surprising too.

“Plus, APHW customer service are always courteous and to the point. They’re really clear about what to expect, and I think that’s the best reason to go with this company—there’s no one saying, ‘Well we’re not sure,’ etc. They tell you what you need to know, and you can act on it. It’s great!

“I remember when I was shopping for a home warranty myself a few years back. There were so many choices, and the only thing you can do is look at the reviews, which make it clear that a lot of companies have questionable practices. The people at APHW stand out because they do what they say they’ll do. There’s no wishy-washy thinking or hedging their bets or anything: They just do it. That makes APHW a shining star in my book.”

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