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Home warranty reviews: ‘I’ve recommended it to everyone’

Charnell Williams didn’t have much good to say about home warranties. The eXp real estate agent described experiences (both her own and her clients’) of waiting on hold for long periods and contracted technicians just not showing up or being unprofessional. But when she discovered that America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) lets you choose your own licensed contractor for claims, she thought she’d give it a shot—and let’s just say her home warranty reviews changed.

“I liked the fact that you could contact your own contractor, because with others you’d have to wait until their provider was available, which could be several days. This way I have more than one option, because if one isn’t available, I usually have someone else I can call as a backup,” Charnell said. “So I decided to try APHW out on my house when I listed it.”

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One handy home warranty

Charnell was sitting in her lower-level office when she noticed some leaking coming from her furnace’s condensate pump. “I called APHW, and somebody answered right away,” she said. “They walked me through the steps, I called our HVAC provider, he came out and diagnosed the issue, and we called APHW back. They answered right away again, spoke with the contractor, and okayed the repair. We went ahead and paid for it, and they sent us a check right back—we got our reimbursement in maybe a week. It was a very smooth process,” she said.

Then the home inspection revealed a plumbing issue. “They found an issue that we’d never noticed before—the house was a 4-level split, and when you turned both sinks on at high power it would make a noise. They said the issue was one of the fittings underneath.” Charnell was able to get that repair covered as well.

Besides saving some money in repairs, having a home warranty on the Nottingham, Maryland home engaged more buyers as well. “Prospective buyers liked the idea that they could choose their own contractor with the home warranty on the house,” she said. “We got four offers on the home, and I do think the warranty helped it sell faster.”

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No comparison in home warranty reviews

“I have a friend whose washing machine went out, and her home warranty wouldn’t be able to get anybody out there for two weeks. She just ended up having to buy another one. And when I had the home warranty that the seller provided us on this house, after being on hold for so long and not having a contractor show up, we just didn’t renew,” Charnell said—but APHW has definitely changed her opinion on home warranties.

“With how quickly APHW customer service answered the phone and how helpful they are, plus the fact that you can contact your own contractor, I’ve recommended APHW to every one of my clients since,” she said. “And almost every one of them have had the warranty included in their listing.”

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