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He wanted community; he found a family

Justin managed well enough with a couple of odd jobs, but he needed more than an income. “I was really looking for a community of other people and a career, so when my wife came across an opening for a customer service representative (CSR) for America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), I applied.”

He aced the interview, but before offering him the job, APHW had Justin do a sit-along with another CSR to learn more about the job and work environment. “I was just so impressed with the positive energy of the company, and the way everyone was so active,” he said. “Even just sitting there and listening to Bridget’s voice, I thought this must be a great place to work—I mean, you never hear people smile on the phone the way that she did.”

Finally, the company president’s introduction sealed the deal for him. “They played the video from the owner, and at the end I turned and said, ‘Now this is a guy worth working for.’ He just has this incredible passion about his business, his employees, and his community,” Justin said.

Now two years have gone by, and Justin has both the community and the career he was looking for. “I’ve had other companies tell me, ‘We promote from within and give recognition, raises, etc.,’ but this company has really stuck by their word. They review you so often and give you so many opportunities for promotions and raises. It’s a shock how far I’ve come in just two years, and how much care they take in positively reenforcing employees here,” he said. “The owner and all the supervisors have just been incredible—they build you up instead of tearing you down, and it’s wonderful to be able to wake up and feel like I can’t wait to get to work. That’s what I call my dream job.”

Justin’s enthusiasm earned him the nickname of ‘cheerleader’ among his colleagues, something he accepts and builds on; it actually earned him April 2021 Employee of the Month. “It caught me totally by surprise, and I was elated!” Justin said. “It was such an honor, because that’s what I’ve wanted since I started here; not to be recognized, but to put in the work and help our company family. I just want to tell everyone they’re doing amazing, and to put that spark in their heart to pay that enthusiasm forward.”

Since rising from Customer Service to the Customer Service Support Team (CSST), Justin says his ultimate goal is to join Human Resources as a recruiter. “I want to make sure people know what I know about APHW,” he said. “I have amazing teammates, and it’s just an incredible place to work.”

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