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APHW Staff Volunteer at Michigan Special Olympics 2019 Fall Games

America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) employees volunteered again this year at the Michigan Special Olympics Fall Games September 20 – 22, assisting in a variety of ways for the 2019 events.

Patty took part in the cycling event, discovering upon arrival that her own cousin was competing! She got to escort him to the starting line for both of his races, and states she would definitely do it again next year. “It’s an amazing feeling to be a part of something like this, to watch the excitement on the participants’ faces, and see the true meaning of sportsmanship,” she said.

Assisting in flag football, Toney watched a new girl on the team discover what it’s like to score. “She hadn’t played before and at first looked confused on which way to go,” she said. “They handed her the football and told her to run, and the other team followed behind her and let her make the touchdown—her first ever. It was one of the best moments I have seen in a long time.”

“My favorite part was just being involved in the games and talking with the participants,” said David, who also assisted with the flag football event. “Our world is so self-centered sometimes, and it’s good to just think about others for a while—it’s a rewarding experience.”

“I acted as a ball retriever and delivered water to each team in the softball event,” said Taylor. “Seeing the joy and gratitude on the players’ faces was so fulfilling, and it was rewarding to see the excitement as teammates watched others hit the ball or make it to the next base.”

Toney really enjoyed interacting with the players, and strongly encourages others to consider volunteering next time. “The players are competitive, but they also cheer for each other no matter what team they’re on. It’s an amazing experience,” she said. “And they really need you.”

“Giving back and doing for others is what God wants us to do,” said Sherry, who also assisted in the cycling event. “It made me feel so good inside to be able to help and interact with them. It’s the best feeling in the world, and all I can say is go and help volunteer; you’ll be glad you did.”

With more than 1,600 athletes competing in the games, every volunteer makes a difference. APHW would like to thank Taylor, Alicia, Toney, Patty, David, Sherry and Brittany for volunteering their free time toward this event, as well as Donna for leading the volunteer effort. We are so proud to have each of you on our team!

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