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Giving God the glory—by giving back

It’s not about the money, the time, the volunteers, or even the recognition: America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) gives back because we believe it gives God the glory for the ongoing growth and success of our company—and we’ll keep right on doing it. 

“We believe God’s hand is upon us, so we understand that our success belongs to Him anyhow,” said Randy Caltrider, the president of APHW. “It’s important for us to share God’s blessings with underprivileged and hurting people. Who would we be to not? And we give that glory to God.”

Giving back to the community

APHW works to make at least four donations to both St. Jude and Samaritan’s Purse each year. This year the company added an additional donation to Samaritan’s Purse following the destruction caused by Hurricane Ian in Florida. 

“What’s really nice about Samaritan’s Purse is that you can actually determine where you want your donation to go. APHW’s last 2022 donation went to Southwest Florida where many of our employees live,” Randy said.

Two pairs of hands hold blocks that spell out the word GIVE, all sitting over blue wooden slats

Child and Family Charities (CFC), another frequent recipient of donations from APHW, received a Live Auction sponsorship for their annual Red Nose Ruckus fundraiser Dec. 2, plus a match—a number which was met and exceeded within about ten minutes of the auction start. 

“Child and Family Charities is so grateful for APHW’s ongoing support,” said CFC CEO Julie Thomasma. “[They] offered that match to inspire others to give, and the room responded with incredible support. The evening donations will help support over 30 critical programs for children, youth and families!”

“When you think about their outreach and how far they’ve come, it’s just amazing what Child and Family Charities has been able to accomplish,” Randy said.

APHW and its employees have supported Relay for Life for many years, as well. The 2021-22 fundraising team (fueled solely by employee and participant donations) raised nearly $20,000 by the main event—to which the company added a sponsorship. 

“Cancer research is extremely important. “The growth of our company enables us to do things like this as a team, so we can pass those blessings on to make a difference with Cancer Research and Patients. 

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Impact beyond the money

“Our company will continue to work hard to make a difference with our annual giving. With God’s blessings, we will do our best to pass His Blessings onward,” Randy said, and the company’s giving has inspired many of APHW’s work family toward generosity as well: As a 2022 Christmas present for APHW’s President, the employees worked together to donate and raise several thousand dollars for a donation to St. Jude Hospital in his name. 

“We understand that we’re blessed to have what we have. So the fact that our APHW Family were willing to give some of their dollars to St. Jude Hospital—it so touched my heart,” Randy shared. 

In the end, it’s all about giving our company growth blessings back to the hurting and research . “The company gives back because it’s been given to us,” Randy said. “I just Praise God for our employees and thank Him that we can do these things, because that’s where it comes from. He has blessed us over and over.”

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