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Everyone Said It Was a Bad Idea

“Everyone, from our parents to the technician, said they hate working with home warranty people,” said Kaitlyn Hall of Greenville, North Carolina. “So many people told us, ‘Good luck,’ that it always takes forever, it’s a horrible experience, and they never do what they say.” But as first-time home buyers, Kaitlyn and her husband elected to get a home warranty anyway—just in case.

The couple decided to purchase an America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), as someone had recommended it to them. Then the HVAC started acting up.

“It all started because our HVAC was running continuously, even in the ‘off’ setting,” Kaitlyn said, adding that while ‘off’ it would blow hot air, running the temperature up to over 85 degrees. “I was really worried and scared [filing a claim] would be a tedious process.”

According to the Google review Kaitlyn wrote later on, however, the decision to go with APHW has been the best decision they’ve ever made. “I was really stressed out until I called, and then I talked with someone right away,” she said. “The first gentleman I talked to was so helpful. He literally just walked me through the steps, and it was so easy.”

APHW’s customer service representatives instructed Kaitlyn to call back when the technician was on site, and again, she got through right away. “I’ve gotten to talk to someone every single time I’ve called—it’s never automated, and everyone is so nice and polite,” she said.

After the tech had assessed the situation and spoken with APHW, all that was left was the payment process—which was handled right away. “I was told by the [contractor’s] company that [APHW] called within fifteen minutes to make that payment right over the phone with a credit card,” Kaitlyn said.

“I could sing all the praises,” Kaitlyn said. “I’ve had no hurdles, no complaints, nothing. Everything has been prompt, everyone has been friendly. We’re extending our APHW home warranty, and I don’t plan on ever being without them, because they’re so awesome!”

Kaitlyn offered a couple of steps to follow for first time home buyers. “Number one, I recommend you get a home warranty, even if you’re questioning it,” she said. “And number two, go with America’s Preferred!”

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