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Customer Review: No Pain, All Gain

A chilly Monday in March isn’t a bad thing… unless your furnace starts making unusual noises. Kayla Purvis of Delaware, Ohio, worried about a high-pitched squealing noise it was making for about a week. Then she noticed a funny smell. It was time to call the warranty company.

While most folks dread having to file a claim, Kayla already knew it would be a fast, easy process with America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), because she’d done it before. “It’s been really great both times,” Kayla said. She called, she filed her claim, and once her claim was approved, she sent in her receipt for reimbursement. “It’s just been that easy.”

According to Kayla, the APHW customer service is more than just a ‘give me the details’ kind of experience. “I feel like every customer service agent I’ve talked to there has been extremely helpful, very kind, and understanding,” she said. “They’ve all been top notch—I literally tell everybody. One, you talk to a real person, and two, they’re super-fast with everything. We’ve been so happy!” she exclaimed. Even Kayla’s husband, who hates being on the phone, appreciated the customer service. “He was like, ‘Yeah, this is easy enough,’” she said.

Choosing her own contractor was a welcome convenience. “We wanted to find someone who would do it, but not be outrageous,” Kayla said, referring to the cost of the contracted service. “They’ve done great work, and they were local, and easy to deal with. Once we explained the [APHW] process, he was like, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve done those before.’”

Kayla exclaimed her happiness in a Google review. “They have made home repairs so painless!” she wrote. And when the time came to choose whether or not to renew the warranty, she and her husband chose to renew. “It’s reasonably priced, and anything could happen,” she said.

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