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Employee Testimonials: They work WITH you, in every way

Have you ever neglected your health to go into work? Been denied some much needed (and earned) time off, or felt like just another number? Most working adults have experienced this. Now, would you believe none of that is acceptable at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)? Pharrah does—but then she’s lived it.

Pharrah applied to her APHW Accounts Payable position in July 2019, nervous because her background didn’t include any accounting department experience. “I had always been in retail management, and I did mortgage work before I came here,” she said. “But I’d heard some really great things about the company, and the interview felt really comfortable, even with meeting several members of leadership at once. It was a great process.”

A year and a half later, Pharrah’s work ethic and drive toward innovation earned her recognition as the APHW Employee of the Month for February 2021. It came as quite a shock to her, however—especially as she had just recently taken an unscheduled day off due to some personal health issues.

“I had two grand mal seizures on January 25th. I’ve been having seizures since 2010, so I’ve gotten used to the occasional event, but everyone at work was really awesome about it,” Pharrah said. “Leadership were regularly checking in on me and making sure I was okay, and they all said I could take as many days as I needed. Everybody’s just been wonderful.”

This kind of collaborative effort is pretty typical for APHW though, according to Pharrah. “Leadership here are all very approachable and open to listening to everyone’s ideas, and everyone in our department has contributed equally to helping me grow and learn and understand my job,” she said. “We all work really well together to ensure everything runs smoothly.”

Pharrah strongly recommends APHW to potential applicants. “It’s really just an all-around great place. Everybody here has a really great camaraderie—right down to our janitorial crew,” she said. “Each individual person in this company matters, and we all share the same respect. I love that.”

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