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Employee feedback: ‘There’s always a better way’

Are team member contributions important to you? Everyone at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) supports and encourages them—and Tyler was pleasantly surprised when his ideas were not just heard, but implemented.

Tyler started at APHW in January 2020 as a Customer Service Rep (CSR), earning his current position as a Quality Analyst in April 2021. He shared that he likes where he’s at now, noting his primary role of reviewing phone calls for quality. “Our team pushes you to be your best self for our customers,” he said. “I try to keep my CSR experiences in mind when I’m grading people, and even though a lot of CSRs get 100s on their qualities, true perfection doesn’t exist: There’s always something that can be improved.”

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Speaking up

Tyler has never been one to accept the status quo when something could be better. So, when he saw something he could fix in his new team, he did something about it. “When I first joined Customer Care, Sue used to manually count all the call scores under 88. So, I slapped it into a spreadsheet to auto-sort it, which saved a lot of time,” he recalled—and he didn’t stop there.

“We’ve since had a meeting with the Customer Service Managers to show all the new stuff we’re doing with bar graphs. Now, instead of giving you a giant book to read in these emails, we’ll just copy over the graphs and show the highlights of what’s going on, and there’s more information available if you need it.”

Customer Care instituted a new form on Tyler’s recommendation as well. “I was always keeping up notes to remind myself of what couldn’t be marked up or down, and what changed on what date. Now we have a form to keep track of what meeting was when, who said what, and what changed. So, if anyone says, ‘I thought we were doing it this way,’ I can show exactly where, when, and why it changed.”

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Feeling heard

Having his recommendations implemented at APHW has had a huge impact on Tyler, both professionally and personally. “Customer Care actually listened to what I had to say. As a result of these new forms, I know that I’m actually being heard instead of dismissed—you don’t have to be afraid to speak your mind here.”

Recently recognized as APHW’s May 2023 Employee of the Month, Tyler lays much of his success back on his team in Customer Care. “I appreciate Kellie, Toney, and Sue for being very supportive. I call them my three work moms,” he joked. But seriously, Tyler shared, he can go to any of them with anything: “It’s just really nice to have that support system when I didn’t get that in a lot of other places. I get to work with some really great people.”

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Get in the door

Tyler recommends Customer Service as an excellent starting point to a career at APHW. “Customer service is the basis for Accounting, Claims, Customer Care, and a lot of other places here. It’s got a friendly atmosphere, and as long as you pay attention and study up on everything, it’s a company you can stick with for a while,” he said.

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