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Employee testimonial: Open communication in the workplace

After years in an operations role, Jason Wilson needed a change. “It’s kind of a thankless job,” he said. “You work the same hours, the requirements are nonstop, and you’re constantly fighting for everything.” Everyone kept suggesting his personality would be perfect for sales, so— “It was honestly just a massive decision to change my career.” But where should he go? America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) caught Jason’s attention with its dedication to corporate transparency and open communication.

What is open communication?

Open and honest corporate communication is a very, very hard thing to find,” Jason noted. “The way they presented themselves was so transparent—I knew exactly what I was getting in to. I mean, my first interaction with our CEO after hire was with him putting out the meeting minutes for the weekly corporate staff meetings; I’ve never seen that level of transparency before!”

Jason strongly believes this kind of open communication is critical for companies today. “It goes a long way toward making you feel like you’re getting the straight scoop on everything, knowing exactly where the company stands and that they’re constantly making good decisions,” he said. “This job truly is, no joke, exactly as advertised.”

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They’re ready and willing to train you

Knowing he was facing a complete career change, APHW made sure Jason understood their training program would help him be successful. “I wanted to land with a company that was focused on taking care of their employees, and I honestly felt like the APHW leadership were eager and willing to train me,” he said.

Jason just recently completed his certification process for APHW’s CPDSO Accredited training program, and he couldn’t say enough about it. “It was great!” he enthused. “There’s so much support, and that’s another major reason to continue wanting to be part of this company—I see what they’re investing into their employees, and a lot of companies are lacking in that.”

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APHW highly recommended

Jason started as an APHW Area Sales Manager in Texas in July 2021, and he’s definitely seeing this company as the career he’s been looking for. “I absolutely recommend APHW!” he said. “Whether you’re transitioning from one career to another, or whether you’ve been in sales before or you haven’t, this is a great company. It has a lot of potential, a lot of opportunity to make excellent money, and you’re being supported and mentored and motivated the whole way.”

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