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Employee Review: APHW is a ‘True Family Atmosphere’

Origin Story

Imagine graduating from college ready to put your skills to good use, only to search high and low for a position that would meet that need. Cara persisted through ‘okay’ roles until she found a copywriting position at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)—a place where she has been able to grow professionally and be supported as her full self.

After earning her Bachelor of Arts, Cara secured two contracts for creative positions before working for a friend’s company. Neither contractor position was permanent, and the last job lacked the creative challenges she was looking for—but she had applied to APHW while transitioning between them. A few months later, she came aboard as APHW's first-ever copywriter!

“I was absolutely elated! It was my first salaried, full-time creative role, where I knew that I could really make a difference,” Cara said. “I was able to develop the ‘voice’ of the company in terms of our website and social media, which is something that I don’t take for granted, and we’ve grown so much since then that we’ve been able to hire another writer.”

Cara has made a wonderful impression on her fellow Marketing staff and the company at large—and not just with her writing.

Relay for Life, Then and Now

Less than a year after coming aboard in 2018, Cara stepped up as Captain of APHW’s Relay for Life Team. She shared that, “I really didn’t know what I was doing; I leaned on a lot of other people for advice, and the company was also undergoing a lot of changes.” Though committee officers had been assigned (treasurer, secretary, etc.), the simultaneous transitions of different members made the whole process feel, “kind of like fumbling through the dark the entire time,” she said. Despite this, APHW set a donation record that year, with Cara noting that, “The team and the company pulled together to get us there.”

Cara took up the captainship for a second time in 2021, after roughly one month of the Relay committee not having an official leader. “It’s a difficult position to have, but it’s worth all of it,” she said. “The joy that you get out of watching people come together—whether it’s a $100 fundraiser or a $1,000 one—is like magic. The way that it worked this time around was another big change; before, I was directly assisting with every fundraiser. But this year, our committee members all took turns leading individual events.”

Being in a pandemic also opened up a new portal for communication. “Going virtual actually opened our eyes to possibilities for including more of our remote staff,” Cara said. “We were more successful as a result. That was a big turning point.” Being flexible lent itself to greater success, Cara stated. “I’m proud to say that with these changes, we did raise significantly more this time around, and I’m very proud of that.”

Growth and Glory

As the first copywriter APHW had ever hired, an important weight rested on Cara’s shoulders. She did not take the responsibility lightly—instead, with a little guidance, she chose to thrive.

“I owe a lot to the Marketing Director, Jeff, who saw so much potential in me and fostered growth through a variety of avenues—from external trainings, to constructive criticism, even to reining me in when needed,” Cara said. “These are all critical qualities of leadership that I hope to implement one day. I credit Jeff with the majority of my growth here at APHW, and I’m very grateful for him. I also really appreciate the open-door atmosphere here—it has allowed me to get to know much more of the leadership team than I might have otherwise, and I’ve come to know and respect each and every one of them.”

For all those seeking a work home like Cara was, she has some good news for you. “I’m going to sound like I’m drinking the Kool-Aid, but it is, honest-to-goodness, a true family atmosphere. Everybody from top to bottom will know who you are, will be interested in your personal life, and will help you if they’re able,” she said. “This is a place where your life will be everybody’s business, but that’s the best part about it: In all things—the struggles, the people that we meet—having that family backing you up is everything. And they do.”

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