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Choice is Where It's At

When you think about real estate agents, you tend to think of them as business entities, far above and beyond simple things like a leaky pipe. But Cardinal Realty Group LLC Realtor Janie Baylis out of Prattville, Alabama, would disagree—she’s had several household leaks, and several experiences in dealing with them for the better… or the worse.

Janie’s most recent experience involved a plumbing issue with her shower, the only one in her household. Her career in real estate had led Janie to obtain a home warranty from America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW), for one particular reason: It came with the ability to choose her own contractor.

“I have a local plumbing company that I prefer to use,” Janie said.

A past claim with a different home warranty company had taught Janie exactly how much that choice was worth. “Years ago, I had a warranty where I couldn’t choose my own contractor. My air conditioner was going out and I had to go with a local company.”

After the first contractor visit had left her dissatisfied, Janie’s warranty company had sent another, but he wasn’t any better. “He replaced an air exchanger, but didn’t put the drain pan under it,” she said, adding that she had advised the contractor of its regulatory requirements. “Between the time he installed it and brought back the drain pan, the drain had backed up and leaked through the ceiling into my bedroom and onto my floor.”

Now Janie takes advantage of her option to choose, even going so far as to select a contractor that quotes her a higher price. “I know they cost a little bit more, but I’ve always felt like their experience is worth it,” she said, adding that she knows the job will get done right the first time. “They have an excellent reputation, and I know this company only hires the best.”

Janie always makes sure her clients understand what they’re getting when she recommends adding an APHW home warranty to their home sales or purchases. “We need to educate our clients,” she said, adding that it helps foster realistic expectations. “They have to understand that they’ll need claim approval before the work is done, and that if the repair or replacement cost is higher than the coverage, that they’ll have to cover the rest. But you get a choice,” Janie said, “And to me, that’s worth it!”

These days, APHW is the only company Janie refers to clients and colleagues. “I like what America’s Preferred Home Warranty has to offer,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed helping clients with their warranty, and I’ve enjoyed using it myself. I tell other Realtors® all the time—APHW is my choice.”

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