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APHW Saves Christmas, Homeowner Still Renewing 7 Years Later

Few things can put a dent in Christmas morning like having your furnace quit. Ohio homeowner Bryon Caldwell woke up Christmas of 2013 with no heat in his house—but he knew what to do. Here’s his story:

“We bought the house out of bankruptcy in September. It came ‘as is,’ so we chose to buy the home warranty [through America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW)] and upgraded it to include the well and septic coverage as well. It just made us really feel more comfortable having that as a backup.

“The house came with an older furnace, and we had multiple calls to the repair company through the warranty for that. But the most memorable moment was waking up on Christmas morning with my parents staying in the guest bedroom—with no heat!

“We quickly called APHW, and they answered on Christmas morning and went through the process of giving me a claim number and telling me how to reach out to a vendor; all stuff I was familiar with. So I called the heating and repair company that I had used in the past, and they came Christmas morning, looked at the furnace, and made the call to APHW as was required. Then they made the repair, and all I needed to pay was about $132!

“Everything happened pretty quickly—all within a couple of hours—so within a very short time we were able to have the heat on and resume Christmas day.

“I’ve kept the APHW home warranty ever since. In 2015 I replaced the furnace and the air conditioner. Four years later the compressor went out on my A/C, and I used the warranty on that as well. Regardless of the day of the week or the holiday that it might be, customer service always answers quickly, and it’s all very efficient and consistent—and always very pleasant! And every single time, APHW has paid my vendor on the spot by credit card over the phone, before he even left the house. I think that’s really nice.”

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