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APHW Homeowners Retain Control During Lockdowns

‘Control’ might feel like this imaginary, elusive concept these days. But America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) customers have control with every claim—especially now, with stay-at-home orders across the nation—because they choose their own licensed contractors.

“Homeowners can call around until they find a contractor who is still servicing people during social separation,” said APHW Vice President of Operations Mike Sadler. “Some contractors may have made the personal choice to not send their people out, but that doesn’t preclude anybody from calling around to find one that still is. And a lot of contractors are; particularly for heating, plumbing, electrical, even appliances in some cases. You need your refrigerator when you’re stuck at home.”

APHW is also providing some leeway to customers nearing the end of their contracts during the outbreak. “In some areas, we’re finding that we open the claim, but a contractor can’t come out for a few weeks,” Mike said. “On a case by case basis, we’ve been extending the time they need to get that claim taken care of. I don’t honestly know how we couldn’t do that—we certainly wouldn’t hold [COVID-19 based delays] against them.”

For the most part, APHW customers are still getting work completed on their timeline and without any delay. “With everything we’ve done and planned for an event just such as this, our operations are running exactly the same as they were,” Mike said. “We’re just doing it remotely.”

To file a claim or for more information, call today at 1.800.648.5006, or visit APHW.COM. APHW customers can also Start a Claim Online with zero wait time.

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