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Andrea: Accounts Payable Clerk

How do you imagine life in an accounting position? Andrea had come to expect a very cookie-cutter, cubicle business environment—until she joined the Accounts Payable team at America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW).

Nothing Stuffy Here

“Everything is just so open,” Andrea described, noting how both the environment and the people fit that description. “Here if I have an issue or a problem, Amanda and Terri and Kathryn [her leadership chain] are great, and we all bond and bounce ideas off each other, figuring out how we can make things better. Communication just flows, and I’d never had that before.”

Even when deadlines loom and Andrea needs a little help, her Accounts Payable team is there. “They’re amazing,” she said. “They work with me every step of the way, and they’re very open in accepting whatever I have to do to get my job done.”

Employee Appreciation

APHW recently recognized Andrea as their October 2020 Employee of the Month, coming as quite a shock to her. “I was like, that can’t be my name; what’s going on?” she said. “I felt honored and so excited! I literally went home and told my husband. Oh my goodness—they picked me! I’ve never been an employee of the month anywhere before, so this is pretty thrilling for me. It feels really good to be recognized and know that you’re appreciated.”

Though according to Andrea, appreciation flows pretty freely at APHW. “The get-togethers and employee events here are so different,” she said. “They did the same things at my other jobs, but it was never about us; it was all about management coming out and making speeches. Here at APHW, you actually feel that they’re doing it for us, actually showing appreciation for what we do and our contributions to the company.”


Andrea strongly recommends that folks consider joining the team at APHW. “You’ll love it. I tell everyone how I’ve only loved one other job in my life, and I absolutely love it here. Between the people I work with and the open-door policy, and everyone willing to help each other, it’s amazing to work for a company like this.”

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