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Accounting Manager Amanda says, “We aren’t numbers” at APHW

Amanda Pewsey in a pink shirt next to text that reads, "Accounting Manager Amanda says, 'We aren’t numbers' at APHW"

How much can you grow in one organization? After hearing Amanda’s story: A lot!

Taking the leap

Amanda was an office manager at a manufacturing company. They were in the midst of doing layoffs, so she began looking for employment elsewhere. After submitting her application for an Accounts Receivable Clerk 1 position at APHW, our Vice President of Accounting, Terri, “called me within 5 minutes”. Though Amanda was going out on a limb for this role (which involved a 40% pay cut), Amanda took a chance — and her early sacrifices would soon pay off.

In her seven years and counting at APHW, Amanda has been promoted four times! When she started with us, however, Amanda didn’t realize how far she could go. “My whole intent was to sit down, be quiet, and do my job; I didn’t have any interest in leadership when I first started,” Amanda says. But the quality of Amanda’s work was too good for people not to take notice.

Seeing success

When Terri approached Amanda with the opportunity to transition from Accounts Receivable to Accounts Payable, Amanda went for it! “They said that if you put your head down and work hard, you’ll be recognized,” she stated, adding, “I started learning very quickly that we aren’t numbers here. It was something I hadn’t experienced at any other company.”

After thriving in Accounts Payable, she didn’t stop there. “I’m not afraid of numbers; I love working in accounting,” Amanda shared. She subsequently earned a promotion to Accounting Supervisor, then became the Accounts Payable Supervisor when the role was split into two – one supervisor for Accounts Payable, and one for Accounts Receivable. Amanda’s most recent achievement is her progress to Accounting Manager, the second-in-command role for the entire Accounting Department.

A different kind of company

From the beginning, Amanda could see that working at APHW was going to be something different. “The one thing most people don’t expect is for this to be the place where everybody knows your name. At my first Family Fest (an annual company-sponsored event that celebrates employees and their families), my husband was surprised when Randy, the company President, went up to him, shook his hand, and said his name. You just don’t see that – ever.”

Through more reserved in her early days at the organization, Amanda views her colleagues as comrades. “I get to work with my family. People here are my family – whether they realize it or not,” she expressed.

“No one here tells you something just because it’s what you want to hear. Everyone keeps their word and sticks together, and by sharing the same goal, it makes everyone’s job a lot easier.” Combined with getting to work in person, she and her staff can collaborate directly, “so nothing is misconstrued or misunderstood.”

Work you enjoy

Now openly thriving with members of Accounting and other departments alike, APHW has become her second home. When asked what makes working at America’s Preferred Home Warranty such a great experience for Amanda, she responded, “I guess it’s because I get to do what I love.”