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Employee testimonial: Grown into leadership

In the world of customer service, few success stories match the journey taken by Wenche, a Bilingual Contact Center Manager who joined America's Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) in January 2017. Wenche's dedication and passion for her work have led to exceptional contributions, earning her recognition as July 2023 Employee of the Month and solidifying her status as a shining star in the organization.

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Climbing the ladder

Wenche's ascent within APHW has been marked by numerous achievements: Just 11 months after starting, she was recognized as the "2017 CSR of the Year". She continued to grow from there, taking on the role of supervisor in 2019—a position she has embraced.

"There's hard work in there; it doesn't come all by itself. You just have to step up," Wenche revealed; and stepping into a leadership position became a natural progression for her. "I had gained the experience I needed with the product, and the self-confidence to lead," she said.

Wenche shared that APHW's supportive and encouraging environment played a pivotal role in her journey. "Has APHW helped? Absolutely! There’s been a lot of encouragement, and the leaders that I report to have done a fabulous job of giving me the tools that I need to do well," she acknowledged.

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An expanding company

From a small office with 12 customer service reps (CSRs) to a vast workspace with remote teams, APHW's expansion during Wenche’s tenure has been nothing short of extraordinary: The company now operates in every state except California. "It’s just amazing to watch," she said, reflecting on the tremendous progress—though the prospect of expanding into California has presented Wenche with a mix of excitement and apprehension.

"It’s exciting because I love a challenge, but it’s also frightening; I’m worried about the workload that it’s going to bring," she confessed. Nevertheless, she remains confident in APHW's management team, particularly Vice President of Operations Mike Sadler, who has a proven track record of maintaining balance and communication within the organization.

While APHW's growth is commendable, Wenche also takes pride in being part of the company's resilience during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. "So many businesses shut down because they couldn’t run their business outside of their office. Not only were we able to keep everyone working, but we actually hired people during that period, which is fabulous," she remarked.

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Recognized for hard work

As Employee of the Month, Wenche is not only grateful for the recognition but also cherishes the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. "It feels good to be recognized for the effort that you put in; they recognize that you work hard and show up every day and do what you’re supposed to, and then some. It feels good," she beamed.

For those seeking a fulfilling career, Wenche wholeheartedly recommends APHW as an employer. "They take care of their people. We also have a good work environment and really nice offices," she enthused. Her journey at APHW has been bolstered by the support of her colleagues as well, notably Lynette, her fellow Contact Center Manager. Recalling their mutual support, she says, "We help each other out. It’s a really, really good team with very good support."

For aspiring professionals seeking a nurturing work environment, APHW provides ample opportunities for growth. The company continues to thrive with leaders like Wenche at the forefront—shaping the APHW’s future and reinforcing its commitment to excellence in customer service. Apply today at APHW.com/careers!

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