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2-Time Position Pioneer Still Sees Room to Grow

You know a company is doing well when its staff nearly doubles inside of a year. Not only did America’s Preferred Home Warranty (APHW) achieve this with 75 new employees in 2018, but they also added 13 brand new job titles to keep up with that growth. One of those titles went to Frank Vetter: Regional Sales Director.

Frank’s journey at APHW began in 2012 as an Indiana Area Sales Manager (ASM). “I was actually in real estate around that time, flipping homes and owning my own home inspection and home improvement companies,” he said. “Between that and the makeup and culture of APHW, it just sounded like a really good fit.”

Good indeed. By 2017 Frank was promoted to Team Leader, another position he pioneered. “We realized that while our ASMs had a great training program, there was a need to have someone out there who could help keep them growing their business afterward,” Frank said of managing his team of six ASMs. “So that was my job in addition to managing my own territory.”

The Team Leader position provided Frank the perfect opportunity to expand his leadership skills. Now only months ahead of his 7-year anniversary, he looks forward to his time as a Regional Sales Director. His territory has certainly expanded—Frank now guides both ASMs and Team Leaders throughout the bulk of the Midwest, all while providing the same personalized attention to the agents in his original area.

“I’m really trying to embrace and carry forward the company culture,” Frank said. “I just want to make sure we’re aligning ourselves with all of APHW’s strategies and goals.”

Having pioneered two brand new positions at APHW, Frank amazingly still sees room to grow. “There’s so much opportunity in our company as we continue to expand,” he said. “I know there will be more leadership opportunities, and I’m looking forward to seeing how those materialize.”

APHW currently employs Area Sales Managers across 44 states, with plans to expand into all 50 in 2019. According to Frank, there’s no better place to start if you’re considering a career in sales. “There are just tremendous opportunities for the future,” he said. “For someone who has the desire and ability to really dig in and enjoy something that is truly their own business, the amount of success they can achieve is really limitless.”

For more information about available ASM positions, please call 1.800.648.5006 ext. 236 or visit APHW.COM today.

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