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Easy curb appeal ideas to stand out in the market

Large picturesque gray and white house with double white wraparound verandas

Buyers are best able to picture themselves in homes that intrigue them, which starts with magnetic curb appeal. Whether the property is a freestanding single-family home, a townhouse, or a condominium, ensuring the building’s exterior encourages a closer look is fundamental to selling real estate.

f you’ve been looking for a way to help a home get noticed, these easy curb appeal ideas can add a little allure to any exterior and help your listings stand out in the market.

Pro Tip: If you’re part of a Homeowners Association (HOA), be sure to check the guidelines before making major changes to your home’s exterior.

Set a design budget to optimize resources

Before diving into all the great tips below, it is important for you and your clients to establish a design budget for all the cosmetic changes that may take place before their first showing. Help them locate where updates will yield the most bang for their buck.

If your clients’ home will be undergoing proper renovations in tandem with upgrades, help them create a design checklist that is cohesive and coherent. When it comes to tackling multiple projects at once, sweat equity on the lighter tasks can help them save hundreds on home preparation for listing overall.


Left side: bronze lion and flower door knocker on a light blue and navy door; right side: gold door knocker on an olive green door


Try these front door design ideas 

Front doors are a great opportunity to make a great impression. Try any of the following front door design ideas alone or in combination with others to make your clients’ porch pop.

Use a door knocker with function AND flair

An eye-catching door knocker is a simple way to add a touch of sophistication or whimsy. For as little as $20, this small and inexpensive adjustment can take your porch to a whole new level.

The welcome mat “wow” factor

Though your clients’ welcome mat may not be the first thing potential buyers see, it is a part of the porch that visitors notice. Use it to pull the look of the porch together and hint at the design that lies on the other side of your clients’ front door.

Front porch décor

Once your clients have decided on a theme for their front porch décor (like farmhouse, warm neutrals, or boho), it’s time to flesh it out by using a few major elements to pull the look together. Pieces like modern house numbers and modern outdoor light fixtures make great updates to the porch.

Modern house numbers

Homes and all that go with them can be much more personalized today than in years past. With modern house numbers available as a plaque, with lights behind them, or made out of stainless steel, there are several affordable options to match your client’s home aesthetic.

Modern outdoor light fixtures

To add a touch of charm, your clients can swap out a light fixture that has passed its prime for a modern sconce with motion sensors or a geometric frame. If your clients are going for a classic look, spring for vintage-looking lights from contemporary, rust-resistant materials, like stainless steel and aluminum, to keep the porch stylishly illuminated for years to come.

Pro Tip: Avoid anything that is visually overwhelming, requires too much maintenance, or obstructive to the use of the space.


A Christmas wreath with red holly and leaves, purplish-white flowers, and lime green ribbon


Front porch greenery

Foliage on the front porch can make a property look well-loved, lively, and fresh. These tips on front porch greenery can bring the front view to life for potential buyers.  

Use a front door wreath all year long

Wreaths aren’t just for winter anymore! Keep a simple green wreath handy and adorn it with seasonal add-ons, such as bright faux flowers, mini pumpkins, ribbon, or pinecones.

Choose the right greenery to limit buzzing bees and plant allergies>

Keep the bees and plant allergies away by moving plants that require pollinators a few feet away from the front door and walkway. Pretty hypoallergenic plants, such as ferns, can also attract more buyers while encouraging bees to seek something sweet elsewhere.  

Prune branches to create the best view

Prune branches and bushes routinely to remove any parts that obstruct the views of (or from) the property. If the property has any fruit-bearing plants, harvest them and include them in décor or as a parting gift to visitors.


A gray house with columnal stonework looms behind detailed landscaping, which includes flower beds, bushes, trees, a bird bath, and a stone bench flanking a gray paved walkway


Simple landscaping ideas and lawn design tips    

Depending on the size and shape of your clients’ lawn, there may be space to include a few details that highlight the functionality of the space. The following simple landscaping ideas and lawn design tips can help you find the best way for your client’s lawn to thrive.          


Work with your clients to decide on landscaping that is as visually appealing as it is easy to maintain. Use tools that give your client’s foliage the desired shape, and utilize flower bed borders and pavers along natural paths of traffic to add distinction and a touch of sophistication. Your clients can also use these tips to save on keeping their lawn and garden beautiful.  

Pro Tip: Since groundskeeping in condominium and townhome communities is typically taken care of by management, find out the maintenance schedule, then time your open houses accordingly. Nothing looks better than a home after a fresh shovel or mow.

Lawn design

There are so many features that can beautify a lawn. The following options can help you determine what will best serve your client’s space.

Make it fancy with lawn stripes

Giving your lawn stripes is an easy way for your clients to make their lawn look more polished. If they already have a mower with a roller or a striping kit, they are well-equipped to beautify their lawn with the next mow. For best results, make sure your clients get their lawn in good health before striping.

Frame the home with a tree island

Planting a shrub or tree island can make your clients’ home look more stately. Your clients can use any combination of low-maintenance blooms, bushes, and trees to make a picturesque statement that catches many a potential buyers’ eye. As long as there remains a clear line of sight to the house, a tree island can make your clients’ home more photo-ready for listing.

As you walk from your car to the front door, inspect the path to ensure nothing in your potential buyers’ line of vision could give them second thoughts. Remove all stray debris, trash bags, or unfinished projects; touch up paint with drips, chips, or scratches; and patch up or replace a dirty or torn welcome mat and/or cracked concrete and flooring. Inspect and test the doorbell and doorknocker for damaged or any signs it may be malfunctioning.

Bonus: Give buyers’ excitement more runway with these elegant entryway tips 

Once a potential buyer has made it into the property, set the tone for the interior with an elegant entryway that helps them imagine themselves living there. If there is a hallway or stairwell at the front of the residence, make sure the following apply:

  • Install bright, warm lighting to fully illuminate the entryway and make a strong, yet welcoming impression
  • Keep the foyer floors clean with a carpet mat, shoe covers, and a wet mop after each showing
  • Touch up or replace paint anywhere you see chips, drips, uneven coverage, or scratches
  • Keep your home smelling fresh by checking for good ventilation and avoiding harsh scents
  • Use functional tech, like smart thermostats and motion-sensor lights to make showings easier

Make the foyer easily navigable by keeping furniture, such as a coat rack or buffet table, to one side, and add a mirror to define the space and help it feel bigger. To keep things organized, set up a station with slip-on shoe covers and a designated place for potential buyers to drop off their coats and umbrellas.

With these tips for beautifying a listing’s exterior, you’re well on your way to generating massive curb appeal! 

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