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A Tale of Saving Time, Money, and Stress

I have to get to work! Jerry’s mind raced with stress as he struggled to open his garage door. The garage door opener wasn’t working, and he just didn’t have the time right now. Finally, he got it open, pulled his car out of the garage, and left his car running while he got out and shut the garage door, shivering in the late Fall wind.

How often has this sort of thing happened to you? Something breaks down, and just having to deal with it is stressful—never mind thinking about how it could hurt your budget.

But what if things were easier for you?

Jerry knew he had to do something about his garage door opener. The weatherman called for snow, and he definitely didn’t want to do the garage door dance (open garage door, get in car, move car, get out of car, close garage, get back in car) in that mess! He went to make his fourth phone call of the day—this time to America’s Preferred Home Warranty—when he realized there was an easier way to file his claim.

Jerry turned to his computer and went straight to APHW.com, where he started his claim online. He checked his email a moment later and found instructions on choosing his own licensed contractor.

“Hey Dave, what’s that company you used on your garage door opener that you said you liked?”



Jerry reached out to DoorTech and they had an opening to come by that evening. They pulled in a few minutes after he got home and figured out the problem pretty quickly. Within an hour, Jerry’s garage door opener was fixed, the contractor was paid, and Jerry was done with the problem. I’m done, he thought.  I can’t believe it was that fast! I wonder where else APHW can help…

This story reflects over 1,000 approved garage door opener claims* for America’s Preferred Home Warranty customers in just the last few years, each of whom has saved time, money, and stress while dealing with these frustrating situations.

Home systems break. Budgets shouldn’t. Call 888.351.3681 or visit APHW.COM today to find out how APHW can help you get back to your life when home systems and appliances break down.

*Statistic pulled from America’s Preferred Home Warranty claims data as of Nov. 12, 2020.

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