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Smart plumbing for your home

a white toilet with a gray remote for a bidet attachment

Water is one resource that could always be used more efficiently—especially in your bathroom, where many households use water the most.

Finding ways to lower your usage (and water bill) may seem tedious, but modern technology offers several smart plumbing products to make it easier. With the high-tech plumbing options below, you can make investments that are better for your wallet and the planet.

Pro Tip: When searching for products that fit your needs, see which ones are paired with an app to make monitoring usage (inside and outside the home) much easier.

Reaping the benefits of a smart faucet

Whether you’re washing fresh produce or doing your nightly skincare routine, water can flow endlessly when you’re at the sink. A smart faucet helps you control when the water stops running and even use temperature presets. Many also come with a touch sensor, so you don’t have to dirty the spout to get your hands clean.

Saving money with a smart showerhead

Nothing beats a hot shower after a long day. Now, smart showerheads allow you to conserve water while you customize your experience, as many come with at least a few of the following features:

  • Consumption monitoring
  • Water flow adjustments
  • Temperature presets
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker capabilities

The smart showerhead is a device that offers several different features to help you consume less water. Instead of logging shower time, leaving the water running to get your favorite speaker, or using rough calculations to assess your water usage each week, try this one smart plumbing product and elevate your experience instead.

Use a smart toilet to control the flow

Who wouldn’t want a more efficient toilet? If you’re looking to slow the flow in the bathroom, there are many environmentally friendly toilets that feature multiple flush settings and systems for recognizing and preventing overflow.

These smart toilets also come in sleek designs with nightlights and slow-close toilet seats, so you can avoid waking up your household in the middle of the night. Some of today’s smart toilets even come equipped with bacteria-killing or bacteria-resistant materials like zirconium coating, which helps the bowl stay cleaner in between cleanings. 

Staying sanitary with a smart bidet      

For those seeking a higher level of sanitation, smart bidet toilet seats are a great option. For the uninitiated, bidets look similar to toilets, but they are used as an eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper.

Featuring controls for temperature regulation and spray direction, bidets can also be attached to most conventional toilets, so you can save precious bathroom square footage by not adding a second station. These special bidet toilet seat attachments often come with control panels similar to a TV remote, giving you greater command over your bathroom experience.

By making these upgrades to your bathroom, you could lower your water costs, help save the planet, and put a stop to the question, “Who left the water running?”.