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Same household appliance, new uses: Your stove

In a big, fancy kitchen, a silver kettle and small soup pot sit on each of the burners. The backsplash and counters are tan, and the cupboards are teal. Dry pasta and spices in various containers flank the stove itself.

When you hear the word “stove”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many, the word is “dinner”, or “kitchen”. While those associations are true, we’ve got other things for you to think of when this popular household appliance comes to mind. Let’s explore some little-known, but fantastic things your electric or gas stove may be able to do. 

Pro Tip: Before proceeding with any of the activities listed below, refer to your manual to support the best practices for your stove. 

Get rid of weeds without all that straining

Do sprouting weeds make your green thumb itch? Get rid of them the easy, earth-friendly way – by boiling hot water! With oven mitts close by and a clear path from your stove to your garden, follow these steps for easier weed removal.

In a saucepan or a soup pot:

  • Bring 16-24 oz. of water to a rolling boil (depending on the size of your garden and the stubbornness of your weeds).
  • Once it’s ready bring your pan or pot out to your garden. If you have an empty watering can and can safely transfer the fluid, please do so now. If not, feel free to skip this step.
  • Away from any pets or children, gently pour the boiling water over areas where only weeds have sprouted. 
  • Wait 5 minutes for the water to take full effect. 

    Congratulations – you just made weeding easier! Armed with this process, you’re ready to keep the weeds away all summer long!

Make your own microfiber cloth substitutes! 

For some, microfiber rags are a godsend, but others may not enjoy their texture (or the light dusting of lint they may leave behind). Use the instructions below for reusable rags that offer the same streak-free ability.

In a designated large pot:

  • Fill it 75% of the way up with warm water before bringing to a rolling boil.
  • Add 1/8th to ½ of a cup of baking soda.
  • Add like-colored linen cloths with a pair of tongs.
  • Let it all boil for 2-5 minutes, before simmering for 10 minutes.
  • Turn your gas or electric stove off, remove the pot, and let the water cool for 5 minutes.
  • Drain the pot, and add cold water to rinse the rags. Repeat twice.
  • Use the tongs to help separate and wring out each rag before laying on a rack to dry. 

Pro Tip: This is also great for sanitizing non-linen rags (even microfiber) that get used frequently around your home.

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