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How to save water on your lawn and garden

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We all want a luscious lawn and flourishing garden — but not the high water bill that comes with it. Here are some environmentally-conscious ways to help your green space and wallet thrive, even during the hottest weeks of the year.  

Water use efficiency

Our desire to have a healthy yard and garden can make us want to give them as much water as possible. We’ve got a few tips to help you use water more wisely.

  • Check the forecast, so you know when to turn off sprinklers and prevent overwatering. Installing rain sensors on irrigation systems can do this for you when you’re not at home.
  • Weed your yard and garden regularly, so the water goes to the plants you actually want to grow.
  • Check your water bill to see how much you’re using, especially if your lawn and garden get more attention during certain months of the year. You can also ask your utility company or local government to perform a home water audit to ensure you’re being billed appropriately.

Water retention

Saving water isn’t just about knowing when to turn off the hose—making a few adjustments to improve retention can also increase your savings.

  • Watering at dawn or dusk can limit evaporation, which helps more water reach the roots.
  • Plant a rain garden to catch rainwater runoff from hard surfaces, such as your driveway and roof, so it can be absorbed by the soil.
  • For gardens, a top layer of 1-2 inches of mulch can help keep the soil cool and reduce evaporation.

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