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Marvelous ideas for your mudroom

A mudroom with blue mudroom lockers, white walls, gray stone floors, and a pastel area rug

What is a mudroom anyway? For some, it’s an automatic dumping ground for hats, umbrellas, and boots at the end of a long day. For others, it’s a useful space that allows you to keep your outerwear and equipment clean and organized whenever you leave or return home. 

Initially, mudrooms were a staple of homes in midcentury rural towns. They were a place where any soil or mud from the roads or the fields could be contained, and where guests would be welcomed in when paying a visit. 

These days, mudrooms carry much of the same utility, but there are now more ways to customize it, beyond stopping dirt in its tracks. Let’s explore how to design this space to your heart’s content! 


A small mudroom contains 6 hooks mounted to a white wood board, which is mounted to a white wall, a bench with multicolored canvas bucket baskets underneath; the baskets sit atop a white and gray/navy printed rug. A straw fedora and a jean jacket hang from the hooks; a black umbrella and a pair of hot pink rainboots flank the simple wooden bench. A small wooden plaque and a pair of sunglasses sit atop the wooden board the hooks hang from. The whole mudroom is in a recess in a hallway.


The anatomy of a mudroom

To start, we’ll be examining the following components found in most mudrooms, and how they can be utilized to create an entryway that meets your household’s needs.

Mudroom features

  • Open storage 
  • Closed storage
  • Benches
  • Hooks
  • Rugs and floorspace 

Pro Tip: Lean on durable pieces that are easy to clean when designing or updating this high-traffic area in your home. 

  1. Open storage: If you like being able to look at things to know where they are, open storage might be right up your alley. Whether you prefer a repurposed bookshelf or a grand set of versatile built-ins, designating shelves for all your main items can make it easier to grab things and go!
  2. Closed storage: Drawers, bins, or baskets? If you like things where you need them, but not out in the open, consider storage of different sizes for specific items. You can add a small box (or upcycled mailbox) for keys, drawers for gloves or dog leashes, and even dedicated laundry baskets to avoid dragging dirty gear all over the house.
  3. Benches: Have you ever hopped on one leg while trying pull off a tightly-laced boot? Adding a bench to your mudroom can help you avoid this death-defying stunt before the sun’s even out on a winter morning. 
  4. Hooks: Whether you want a row of standard hooks or an eclectic mix of different styles and sizes, you can mix and match them for the best fit for your household. Before installation, see where your household tends to hang things, and add hooks in places that align with that pattern. How high can you go? As far as people can reach! You could even hang one low and train your pup to hang up its own leash after walks! 
  5. Rugs and floorspace: Invest in a machine washable, anti-skid rug that is short enough to not curl awkwardly against furniture, but long enough to give people time to adequately wipe their shoes without blocking the doorway. Keep floor cleaning supplies nearby to prevent leaving footprints all over the house when you need to search for the mop. 

Pro Tip: If there are children or older adults in your household, make sure the furniture is adjustable and/or can readily be used by different loved ones as they age. 


A mudroom features perpendicular dark wood mudroom lockers, with black-and-white pillows on the bottom and white straw totes at the top of each locker. There is a window in the middle of the second mudroom locker wall.


Styling mudrooms, big and small 

Depending on the size of your mudroom, you can make a bold, lavish statement in a stately space, or in what was once a small, little corner in your own slice of heaven. No matter the size or shape, infuse these tips into your function and style goals for a mudroom that screams great function and taste!

Fancy mudroom: Big space, bigger style

Springing for a deluxe mudroom? Consider the following options for multiple people to simultaneously use the space more easily.   

  1. Mudroom lockers: In a house with multiple people, mudroom lockers can help keep personal items together and make things less confusing to clean and replace – especially in households where some members are more detail-oriented than others.
  2. Built-in shoe racks: Adding racks that can store 4-20 pairs of shoes makes it easier to host gatherings while preventing people’s shoes from getting buried at the end of the night. Install flip drawers for easier shoe access.
  3. Counter space: Why have an end table, when you can have it all? Depending on the size and shape of your mudroom, you may be able to add a counter (with more seating and/or storage beneath it) to have additional room for backpacks, groceries, diaper bags, assistive devices, and the like. 
  4. Natural light: To really turn it from a waystation into a hideaway, consider adding a window, or painting the trim of the existing one. If you have sufficient counter space, you can even bring in a small plant to soak up the beautiful sunshine! 
  5. Deck the halls: If there’s enough room, why not update both sides? Do it all in one go to maximize usage in this space. Make each side a replica of the other, or tailor one side to equipment for hobbies or needs, like hiking gear, luggage, wheelchairs, or baby strollers. 

Pro Tip: Make these updates standard enough for long-term use without having to make major adjustments.


A white hall tree in a recess of a tan hallway is accented with green, tan, and white decor


Posh and petite: Mudroom ideas for small spaces

If you’re making a mudroom out of a smaller entryway, focus on pieces that can do double-duty, or the one or two storage solutions you’ll use the most. 

If there’s space for a bench, find or make one with open cubbies or internal storage. For minimal setup, hall trees give you a little bit of everything, including room to add baskets, or to decorate the wall space above it with your favorite art. 

For a more simple and elegant way to bring together a petite space, you may find that a waterproof mat, a gallery of hooks, an upcycled end table, and a sturdy chair can be all you need. 

Pro Tip: Your mudroom will be your last stop before going out into the world, and the first thing you see upon arriving home to decompress. Feel free to let your personality shine by adding your favorite colors, prints, and mementos! 


A mudroom with one tan wall and medium-toned wood cabinets and hook board mounted in front of olive green wood paneling. Between the two rows of cabinets sits a white-bowled sink with a black countertop.


Plumbing or no plumbing?

Depending on the size of your mudroom, you may have room to add a sink for easy rinsing after playing your favorite outdoor game or spending some time in your garden

Though many parts of this process are DIY-friendly, any changes to plumbing are best done by a professional. If possible, go for a utility sink (or another style with a deep basin) so you have room to rinse off rainboots, spray down sports or yard equipment, and soak sweaty jerseys – without drenching your walls. 

No matter your starting point, you can design a mudroom that’s beautiful, functional, and practically organizes itself!

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